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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

64-year-old mother gives her kidney for her HIV positive 45-year-old son.

Mother Saving Life of her HIV positive son

I wanted to write on 9th March 2010 but due to hectic time
and work schedules came in my way for writing on women’s day , rather but I could not stop my self from writing today after reading news about a 64 year old mother giving kidney to her 45-year-old son who is HIV positive since 1997.

There could not be any othere oportunity to salute the mother's of this world by writting about this 64- year old mother giving away her kidney to her HIV positive son.

This mother has defeated HIV virus in real sense. Human life is full with problems and human are the only who knows how to face them and the one who faces them until last breath of air is the one who wins over life , wins over all diseases .Life is very precious , and one do not get second chance to live this with all the bitterness, sorrow and happyness it has.

She says “I just want to see my child living healthily next to me”

Her son got HIV infection in way back in 1997 , he was diagnosed with this disease while donating blood .

He is the first HIV-positive patient in Maharashtra India who underwent a kidney transplant. There are now hopes for life for million of Indians living with HIV.

Dr M Bahadur, transplant surgeon Shailesh Raina and medical consultant Dr Om Srivasatava are the doctors who are involved in treating son and he is in to good progress after the transplant is carried out at Jaslok Hospital last November 26.

Worldwide, too, Organ transplants for HIV-positive patients is a issue of great concern. In 2004, in US about a 100-odd liver and kidney transplants for HIV-positive patients were carried out.

Congratulations to the Team of Doctors from Jaslok Hospital India, Mumbai
Dr Harsh Jauhari
Dr M Bahadur
Dr Shailesh Raina
Dr Om Srivasatava
And teams of nurses wardboys and all staff ,
Well done.

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