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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Effect of nicotine over anti AIDS drugs

Tobacco contains alkaloids one of them is known as Nicotine. Nicotine  has many worst side effect on human body.
It acts on  brain  and causes  depression , in long term use .

Many drugs degradation occur through one or the other degradation path way as that of nicotine.
Thus intake of tobacco , is responsible for elevated enzyme levels which are responsible for degradation of these drugs .

One example of enzyme which is elevated is cytochrome p450.
This is because of metabolic load on liver .
Many anti AIDS drugs are antimetabloites , or enzyme inhibitors , like , Protease inhibitors and Reverse transcriptase inhibitors .
There is a common site on Anit AIDS drugs and  Nicotine for all enzyme actions like ,Blocking certain Enzymatic activity, Enzyme oxidation , or transamination , acetylation , or DNA polymerisation.

Thus nicotine may render anti AIDS drug less effective in patients who are smokers or use tobacco , in one or the other form.

i will add more information in coming days on this topic .

This is true for all drugs , excepts few of them who's actions are agonistic with nicotine , the action is vasodialation .
fainting , and so on , which again are not desired .

I have tried to keep this article as small as possible , but this one is a bigger topic , i will update this topic over the time.

It is also observed that the improvement in health of a HIV positive individual greatly affected by smoking

I have come across a new research and development in treating HIV positive peoples . i will write over this blog in coming time , which is going to be one of the best treatment for AIDS.

HIV and Smoking

So say no to tobacco and smoking.

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