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Sunday, November 29, 2015

HIV vaccine by step by step immunization strategy

Antibodies isolated from HIV positive individuals were successful in preventing proliferation of HIV in animal, while it was not preventing HIV in the infected individuals. Advertisement Pharma Guidelines 

What is that difference that antibodies work against HIV in animal model, is now key towards development of a successful vaccination program against HIV.

HIV virus infect B cells which impart protection by developing immunity against any kind of infection in our body. HIV infects and destroy B cells in our blood. Also HIV change genetic material, DNA of infected human B cells and use these cells for making copies of new HIV virus.

Why vaccine is not completely developed so far because HIV changes its outer protein coat sequence, frequently so that a vaccine against protein coat of HIV is not successful, it may work in one individual while it may not work in other.

How ever there was a finding that Antibodies produced in people which are infected with HIV can protect animals from developing HIV infection and disease AIDS.
Therefore it is possible to develop a vaccine which will work in human model as well.

Team of scientists working with NIH have found a way for developing a successful vaccine against HIV, by combining step by step stimulation by combining three different proteins which will work as antigen and elicit immune response against HIV.

1) VRC01 antibody
2) eOD-GT8 60mer
3) BG505 SOSIP

Combining above proteins for immunization in step by step manner may protect human against HIV infection.

1) VRC01 are antibodies which binds with trimeric gp120 region and inhibit attachment of virus to human B cells.
2) BG505 SOSIP: Are two more similar kind of protein which binds with HIV and neutralize its ability to infect B cells.
3) eOD-GT8 60mer is a nano-particle protein, it is found that this elicit immune response where above two proteins could not, it help in stimulation and then production of precursors required to produce antibodies against HIV.

eOD-GT8 60me NanoParticle
Director of National Institute of Health United States, Dr. Francis Collins have expressed his hope for success for these strategy over his blog.


B V Waghmare (2015). HIV Vaccine heading toward success. Combination of HIV neutralizing antibodies and Nanoparticle protien eOD-GT8 60mer are good hope for getting a effective anti HIV vaccine.

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