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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Development of HIV Virus attachment inhibitors very important step in Research and Development of Anti AIDS drugs.

Development of HIV Virus attachment inhibitors a very important step in Research and Development of Anti AIDS drugs :
Today i am very much interested to tel all of you about development of a precise drug molecule for treating HIV AIDS patients .
The class of such drug is Attachment inhibitor.
This drug is very important as .
just imagine two cells T-lymphocytes placed near each other in situ.
and the viruses are budding out of them but the next virus is not able to gain entry in to cell ,
and consequently , virus is getting killed by other Viricidal drugs.
there is wast scope for research on this group of drugs.
as earlier i have written in my earlier post about Amantadine

(1-aminoadamantane )

Amantadine has two cyclic rings with a amine group attached to it ,and a primary amine with 4 or 6 carbon chain is a common structure for any amino acid which is used as building block for a protein ,any protein .so the glycoprotein which is present on HIV virus , counter CD4 receptor can be fooled by this group of drugs by

1.Hindering the Attachment site over T-Lymphocytes .(CD4 receptor).

2.By forming a Hydrogen bonding with amino acids over HIV virus glycoprotein gp 120 (CD4-gp120 binding inhibitor)
this can be attained with the help of these drugs by designing a molecule which will mimic amino acids .Example Lysine. which is simple to mimic .
we have to design a antagonist for Amino acids,
which will precisely form a hydrogen bonding with gp120 protein and inhibit the CD4 receptor by antagonistically with virus and prevent virus entry in to new T-Lymphatic cells.
Molecules studied for this purpose are BMS -488043 and BMS-378806

if these class of drugs are developed and available for treatment of AIDS HIV positive patients , there will be a better treatment available for HIV AIDS patients world wide in future ,
This is a very bigger topic and there is lot of scope over this types of drugs and needs to be studied and researched extensively.If we are able to develop a effective attchment inhibitor it will provide best treatment for AIDS ,Latest treatment for AIDS
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Author of this article is a Pharmacist from Mumbai University and he has written articles on
Personalised HIV AIDS vaccine research he has also written article on HIV AIDS DNA vaccine and protein part vaccines and Development of Chemotherapy for HIV AIDS .



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