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Thursday, May 14, 2009

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I want to write some thing about latest findings on HIV virus today on 15-05-2009.
There is a news that HIV virus is increasing the virulence,
It is said today that the Virulence of HIV virus is increasing , day by day,
what is the measure for the count of virulence?
The Reduced CD4 count found in recently infected individuals , with no anti retroviral drug given to them, which were tested with in 6 months of infection and it is found that their CD4 cell count is reduced ,as HIV infection progresses.
Average initial CD4+ cell counts during the periods 1985-1990, 1991-1995, 1996-2001, and 2002-2007 were 632, 553, 493, and 514 cells per micro liter, respectively.
During the same periods, the percentage of subjects with initial CD4+ cell counts below 350 cells per micro liter
The CD4+ cell counts seen at diagnosis in HIV-infected patients in the US have fallen, suggesting that the virus may be adapting to the host and becoming more virulent
It is a old thing for virus , we came to now it now.
HIV virus changes its genetic material from person to person, genetic constitution or genes which are responsible for drug resistance and , which are responsible for propagation and spread in to human cells ,(CD4).
I will say that genes responsible for the enzymes responsible for intercalation , integration and reverse transcription, and whole process of attachment of HIV virus in the human cell changes.
Which has all ready made HIV virus most virulent on earth.
But i will like to say this too,that "There is are most powerful brains in humans too, we have almost developed best chemotherapeutic agents to fight against the spread of HIV virus.
Latest anti retro viral drugs are best , and if started earlier , we can save life of an infected individual"
Have any one thought of immunology associated with trauma of depression.
Depression due to knowledge that one is HIV positive , brings about lot of changes in human body , hormonal changes in ones body , and further the , immune system of that individual may slow down its process and make his body most vulnerable for HIV virus.
There are some genes in humans too, which are very resistant to HIV infection.
This is the base on which Dr.David DiGusto is working on to develop stem cell therapy for HIV infection.

"If some one is HIV positive and starts antiretroviral medicine early there are very good chances of better life , one can live his life"

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