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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Artificial Antibodies developed against HIV virus latest development on HIV vaccine anti AIDS medicine anti AIDS drugs

Artificial Antibodies developed against HIV virus latest development on HIV vaccine anti AIDS medicine anti AIDS drugs

Today i am very happy to write on this blog .
Today i came across news coming for a neutralising antibodies being developed against AIDS.
Few days before there was a news that HIV virus is getting more and more virulence ,
so i had written about that in my earlier post , there i said "HIV is the most virulent virus on earth and even though we have capability to develop a life saving treatment for AIDS , as we too have great brilliant brains in our scientists working on developing anti AIDS drugs and vaccines"
This statement has come true today
There is a news in all over the world that we have got satisfactory results for artificial antibody for HIV virus , which can be carried into human body by a virus vector and these antibodies will kill HIV virus in human body and prevent the spread of HIV virus.
In the study carried out these antibodies have protected monkeys against virus (SIV animal version of HIV)
"Six of nine immunized monkeys were protected against infection by the SIV challenge, and all nine were protected from AIDS," Philip Johnson of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and colleagues have written about it in a scientific journal.
They engineered an artificial piece of DNA which would make artificial antibodies, called antibody-like proteins or immunoadhesins , of three different version.
This DNA was incorporated in to vector virus called as adeno-associated virus (AAV) which infects moneys and human.
This virus AAV with antibody producing gene was injected in to monkeys , after which monkeys body started producing antibodies against SIV a animal version of HIV .
monkeys got protected against the virus , as well as they did not developed AIDS.
Dr. Peggy Johnston, head of the HIV Vaccine Research Branch at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which helped pay for the study .
Great one.
{I had written about this on this blog on 5-10-2008 about possibility of such research you can read my article here}
As i have written in my last post as there is great challenge ,we have great brilliant brains too ,
I congratulate Philip Johnson ,Dr. Peggy Johnston from my depth of my heart.
wish that god gives them immense success in future research and development.
Dr.Nayana Bhardwaj too has done good research work on HIV vaccine development by dendritic cells presentation of antigen for HIV to human body so that we get a Vaccine for HIV
Dr.Jean-Pierre Routy ,Has great ideas about developing personalised vaccines , as we all know that It is difficult to develop an universal common vaccine for HIV .

Dr Gero Hutter and Thomas Schneider of the Clinic for Gastroenterology in Berlin Has done a surgery on a patient to replace his bone marrow who was a HIV positive ,eventually due to this surgery this patient did not show any growth of HIV virus , now this finding has opened a new way of treating HIV positive individual with stem cell treatment for HIV .
Dr. Anthony Fauci also believes that we will be able to provide life saving treatment for AIDS and HIV positive person, read about all these scientists great research work on HIV AIDS prevention and treatment on this blog.

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Condom just makes risk of getting HIV transmission lesser, Condom do not assure 100% safety , so what one should do is to avoid sex with unknown person or HIV positive individual.

"If some one is HIV positive and starts antiretroviral medicine early there are very good chances of better life , one can live his life"

There is possibility of developing a tendency for suicide in an HIV positive person due to stress , and killing oneself is not a solution , this world is very beautiful and we all have only one chance to this feel ,see and experience the sense of happiness and sorrow with this eyes and body only once !only once! so enjoy this beauty of nature , live your life normally it is very beautiful.
One should take medicine on time , this world will get a life saving treatment very soon.
Till then hold on for that morning to come ,
Write me your problems on this blog , i will be with you , where ever you are.
"It is very easy to prevent spread of HIV AIDS by simple preventive measures rather than providing a treatment for AIDS and finding new drugs for fighting AIDS"
So spread this blog to every one by emailing , your dear and near ones , i have given detailed information about how one should prevent him self from HIV virus.
You have easy task Our honourable researchers and Doctors have difficult task You should choose easier options.
So send this blog to all of your friends .
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