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Monday, January 19, 2009

Latest Information on AIDS HIV Symptoms of AIDS Symptoms HIV | Treatment for AIDS Information about stem cell treatment for AIDS HIV virus prevention

This website is a resource for providing latest information about AIDS and HIV Virus
latest treatments as well as current ongoing research and developments on AIDS and HIV virus.
You will find VERY UNIQUE information about AIDS and HIV viris over this website
As this website is written by a Pharmacist associated with anti AIDS drugs and treatment development for providing best treatment for HIV positive peoples.
I request to you all that you should read this website once in your life as this is in the interest of your family and Nation and this beautiful world.

you will find important and latest to latest information on AIDS ,Information about HIV virus, information about current research on AIDS, information on Current research on HIV virus and AIDS vaccine research , information on AIDS treatment, Information on HIV virus infection prevention.Stem cell treatment for AIDS information on Stem cell treatment for AIDS
How to prevent Mother to child Transmission of HIV virus

In today's post I will like to give some important and good information about the development on HIV and information on AIDS treatment as well as current research on AIDS
The scientists involved in research and development for AIDS medicines are probably is not resting at all in the fight against the AIDS,they are working day and nights.
This is what i feel and understand, world of research and development is working so hard to develop a possible life saving treatment for AIDS HIV.

And i am proud that, this website too is on the leading front
for providing logic and phylosophy to develop anti AIDS treatment and for providing latest to latest information about AIDS and HIV virus as well as on going research and developments.

This website is ahead of every one to take initiative for developing anti AIDS drugs,
by writing the basic principles of phylosophy by our Pharmacist auther , for developing anti AIDS treatment anti AIDS drugs and anti AIDS vaccines.

This website is on the leading front with hands together with our honourable scientists around the world.

This is not that ,the Ideas are generated in only my mind , but there are our thousands of scientists working on this line, so there are many ways but the destination is same , to achieve complete life saving treatment for AIDS.

I had written over this website on 20-Dec-2008.
well befor the news about stem cell treatment for AIDS was published over other websites
About the possibilities of using stem cell treatment for treating HIV positive individuals , and how to use the stem cells to treat HIV positive individuals.
Please refer this post by following this link ,
published on 20-Dec-2008 I have written about stem cell treatment for AIDS ,HIV positive for providing life saving treatment AIDS patients.we have given the brief procedure for how to go about giving Stem cell treatment.
This procedure you will never find elsewhere on Internet.
As auther of this website is a pharmacist , and this is written by a pharmacist thinking day and nights to provide a life saving treatment for AIDS.
Well i am not the only one in this fight against HIV , but just see how this website is ahead of every one in fight against AIDS.

Refer the news coming about the development of
Stem cell treatment for AIDS on website below
which is published on 17-Jan-2009
published on 18-Jan-2009
published on 18-Jan-2009

stem cell treatment for AIDS .

I respect these websites too,as these websites are most reliable and great one in their own , as we are providing the knowledge to the whole world about HIV AIDS ,eradication of HIV from this world.
I heartily congratulate Dr David DiGiusto, director of haematopoietic cell therapies at City of Hope Medical Centre in Duarte, California, for taking a very great steps as, stem cell treatment only has greatest hopes, when we are facing difficulties in developing vaccines , to provide treatment for AIDS,a life saving treatment for AIDS , HIV positive patients.

I Pray to God for giving him great success .

Dr.David DiGusto said there " he is looking forward this treatment to reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy for AIDS".

Dr.David DiGusto is thinking about genetically modifying gene of patients affected to provide a base of T-lympocytic cells which will be stable and very resistant to HIV virus.
This approach is great and hope we get life saving treatment developed with the noble hands of Dr.David DiGusto .

I have tremendous respects for the scientists working for finding a solution for HIV infection.
In coming days their name will be referred with great respect proud by the whole world , they are the real Heroes of this world.

When i was studying in college doing course of a Pharmacist , i actually written about developing a anti AIDS drug where in i had written about replacing 5'-OH group of Ribose of Thymidine with -N=NH, so that it is taken up by HIV virus instead of tymine ,resulting competitive blockage of building block of RNA,
and similarly the same molecule the Azidothymidine (Zudovudine) AZT came in to reality for use as anti retro viral drug next year after that.

I know i am not only person thinking on this , there are others too ,In India we lack facilities for research .

I have written over this website in detail about other chemotherapeutic agents development , which molecules , and how , they could be best candidates as anti AIDS drugs, which will stop , inhibit, growth of HIV virus .

There is a other example too, where this website is well ahead to others providing information about AIDS and HIV virus.

s we are thinking like wise as these scientist are thinking to provide life saving treatment for AIDS .
Where I had written about on 5-dec-2008 on this blog
And Now there is good news that , a biotechnology company based in California Sangamo BioSciences Inc. has released a news in came in press on--> Monday 02-FEB-2009,--->

That they are going to start human testing of a new approach to treating patients infected with HIV the AIDS virus this treatment involves intentional alteration of the patients DNA.
This approach is based on findings of research which has shown that people with a certain mutation in a gene called CCR5 have capability to resist incoming infection of HIV virus and thus protects those peoples from AIDS.
This gene controls the entry of HIV virus in to the human T-lymphocytes , through receptor in immune system cells. Human immunodeficiency virus HIV virus uses the CCR5 receptor to get in to the cells T-Lympocytes and damages these cells.
Sangamo's drug SB-728-T disrupts CCR5. It is a zinc finger nuclease -- a compound that can slice open molecules.
This molecule is specifically designed to disrupt CCR5. Sangamo is planing to remove immune cells called CD4 T-cells from HIV patients, and treat them with this drug and re-infuse them in to patients.
There is a hope that these damaged cells will thrive and multiply and give the patient an immune system resistant to HIV virus.

"This will be the first time that we have the ability to make A HIV positive patients T-cells permanently resistant to incoming infection of HIV virus by CCR5-specific strains of HIV and we are very excited to begin a clinical trial of this novel zinc finger nuclease-based therapy," said Dr. Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Who is going to help test patients recruited in trial.

The Sangamo said its phase I study is targeted to observe the safety only, and 12 patients with advanced HIV infection will be recruited by Sangamo.

"This approach has the ability to protect immune cells from infection with HIV and the expansion of CCR5-modified T-cells has the potential to provide long-term control of both the virus itself and eventually the opportunistic infections characteristic of AIDS," Dr. Carl June said.

Individuals interested in participating in this trial should visit or contact Larisa Zifchak, R.N. at 215-349-8091 .

In November 2008 , A German researchers Sergeon Dr Gero Huetter reported that his a bone marrow transplant sergery ,of a HIV positive patient with leukemia had treated his cancer, and also There was no HIV virus detected for two years .The transplant was from a donor who had the CCR5 mutation of a normal HIV negative donor.
I have written over this blog about.
How Chemotherapeutic drugs are developed to treat HIV virus infection

Lastly i will like to add the favorite quote of this website

"It is very easy to prevent spread of HIV AIDS by simple preventive measures rather than providing a treatment for AIDS and finding new drugs for fighting AIDS"

So educate every one , your dear and near ones for preventive steps followed for life for protecting them from HIV AIDS.
Please ready carefully information on AIDS , Information on HIV given below

How HIV virus is transmitted?
An Individual who is tested positive for HIV carries HIV virus in certain body fluids like blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk and serum( watery secretion which come out from small cuts which do not contain blood cells).
HIV virus is transmitted only if such HIV-infected fluids come in direct contact with the blood stream of another person who is not HIV positive.
This kind of direct entry can occur if
1.Through the of the vagina, rectum, mouth, and the opening at the tip of the male sex organ;
Unprotected sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Condom just makes risk of getting HIV transmission lesser ,they do not assure completely ,so what one should do is to avoid sex with unknown person or HIV positive individual.

2.Through intravenous injection with a syringe,sharing needles or syringes with someone who is HIV infected.
You don’t know who is having infection so do not use a used needles or syringes
3. Through a broken skin, such as a cut or sore, soar in mouth ,bleeding gums .
HIV is transmitted through:Infection during pregnancy, childbirth, or breast feeding—known as mother-to-child transmission, consult your gynecologist and find how you can protect your child from this in today’s world it is completely possible only thing is that you have to give so much attention to it.
If you are HIV positive and you are pregnant, you can protect you child from getting HIV by chemotherapy.

How HIV is not transmitted.
HIV virus is very fragile , it get killed by even strong sun light, if it is in open air.
It is not transmitted through food or air , (coughing or sneezing).
A person don't get infected by a household member, relative, co-worker, or friend through casual or everyday contact such as sharing eating utensils or bathroom facilities, or through hugging.

HIV is transmission through deep or prolonged "French" kissing, due to broken mucus membranes,bleeding gums.
You can not get HIV from giving blood at a blood bank or other established blood collection center
Sweat, tears, and urine do contain HIV virus so one should take a proper care.
Lastly you should fight against HIV virus , and not against infected individual.
you should provide all possible help to HIV positive peoples , this is the way we protect this world from AIDS.
I saw a movie today "Life support" by Nelson George.
The end of this movie was very touching the Queen Latfiah and every one reliving balloons in skies for lost dear ones ,

I felt I should stand tel every one that " we don't want a single life to be taken away by this HIV virus"
I am writing over here with the intention of sharing my knowledge and information on AIDS HIV with the scientist, Doctors around the world to help develop life saving anti AIDS drugs ,vaccines for HIV.

What makes it difficult for HIV positive to loose life is the lack of confidence .
So take chemotherapy properly and you are going to survive,

Information on AIDS Information about HIV virus mother-to-child transmission
Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV virus.

Mother is the most precious thing in this world.

A female who is a mother , who is a wife and sister and a care taker in all relations
Each one of us is dependant on a women , she is mother.
hence other way women's are the care taker of this world.
and if we are not able to protect them from HIV what will happen to this world ?
If we are able to protect all women's from this disease we are won the battle against this virus.
If a women is HIV positive then it is best to avoid pregnancies
If a HIV positive women is pregnant the she should consult her doctor immediately.
Best thing is to start combination anti retroviral therapy .
This reduces the risk of HIV virus transmission from mother to child .

Recommended anti retro viral drugs regimen for preventing mother to child transmission of HIV virus (PMTCT) is use of combination of AZT and single dose nevirapine.
Woman should start taking AZT after 28 weeks of pregnancy (or as soon as possible thereafter).
During labour she should take AZT and 3TC, as well as a single dose of nevirapine.(Please consider drug resistance factor)
Her baby should receive a single dose of nevirapine immediately after birth,
Followed by a seven-day course of AZT. The mother should continue taking AZT and 3TC for seven days after delivery, to cut the risk of drug resistance still further.
This is a prophylactic treatment and does not completely ensure complete safety against HIV virus transmission from mother to child but has given good results .

I will like to recommend research and development scientists and Doctors working on Preventing mother-to-child transmission to make use of immunoglobulines
(latest HIV Antibody treatment) along with antiretroviral combination therapy chemotherapy.
After birth care for preventing HIV virus mother-to-child transmission.
1.Avoid breast feeding , though mothers milk is best for a new born child , breast feeding should be avoided by a HIV positive mother.
Infants should be given infant formulas , infant nutrients rich feeds,
Best is the bottle feeding milk of a HIV negative mother (WET NURSE) .
There are methods to make the milk free of virus , these are required to be tested and proven (trials).
(Mothers milk is the best food for infant , but in case of HIV positive , mothers milk may contain HIV virus , and This virus may get in to infant by oral route even if mother is taking anti retro viral drugs.)

We have hopes that we will soon get life saving treatment for this HIV AIDS in coming 5 years.

(I am not mentioning cure ,rather there will be complete life saving treatment for AIDS, we will be able to save life through out ones life)

One can live his life by taking available anti AIDS drugs and medicines and live his entire life.
We have now almost very promising drugs available , one should consult doctors, listen to them properly and follow them.
What it makes difficult to live life for HIV positive is the love and support of this society.
As i always believed in achieving difficult things , but i do achieve ,and this time,I want to achieve social awareness about HIV AIDS so that this disease is eradicated from this world.
After an individual is infected of found infected with HIV it is very big blow on the entire family of that person, but don’t worry now ,
I know that we can give life to such individuals who are caught by this disease, it is true that the treatment is difficult but it is not impossible. Today we have certain drugs available to treat HIV infection are such that HIV virus is almost undetected with the treatment of these drugs , I will brief about these drugs and I will also tell you what is the future of HIV AIDS research and AIDS treatment.
AIDS Medicines,Chemotherapy for AIDS:-
As soon as a person is found HIV infected of positive antiretroviral drugs should be started immediately with doctors advice
(I am giving examples of drugs for your information only and these requires to be given in different ways person to person as there are resistance factors involved with the drugs so follow your doctors advice strictly)
1.(Azidothymidine ,AZT+ Lamivudine ) Combivir (Reverse transcriptase inhibitors) and Norvir-boosted Prezista has showed viral count to the extent that it is undetectable. 2. Maraviroc –This is a latest new drug available for treatment for AIDS yet to be available in market , there are lot of hopes from this molecule I hope they are fulfilled. Maraviroc is a drug which inhibits HIV virus from entering the T-lymphocyte, the best level of protection.
3.HIV Virus attachment inhibitors ( Yet to be developed):- This class of drugs are very important as they will provide a very effective, efficient and sure treatment for AIDS HIV infection ,
I have written in depth in my earlier post regarding the research and development of HIV Virus attachment inhibitors refer on this blog. These anti AIDS medicines chemotherapeutic agents will definitely lower the count of HIV virus to the extent that it is not detected.
But this should not be stooped here ,but I will recommend further few immunological treatments with
what is latest treatment for AIDS?
Treatment of AIDS with neutralizing antibodies and TB vaccine flue vaccine:-
1.Anti TB vaccine which is a latest development recently developed. As the main cause of deaths in HIV infected patients is Tuberculosis co infection, If a individual is recently found to be positive he should be first given this anti TB vaccine so that the co infection do not develop mean while we can treat patient with above drugs
2. Flue vaccine: - Patients newly found positive should be given flue vaccine so that the are protected from common cold infections which will not aggravate the condition and keep infections under control.
3.Neutralising antibodies for HIV virus PRO 140 antibodies which are recently developed and are very effective in inhibiting virus from attaching to human T-lymphocyte . If we combine these antibodies along with Maraviroc and combivir , I am sure that the virus load is almost goes to zero and persons life can be saved.
What happens when HIV virus is not detected after these treatments:-
HIV virus remains there in the blood stream , we should continue the treatment further with neutralizing antibodies and other drugs and ones we are able to maintain good CD4 count our body will try to develop its indigenous antibodies against the HIV virus which will impart immunity to our body , but there will be always a race between HIV virus and antibodies against the HIV virus , so it is very important to keep the CD 4 cells count higher. What should be done to keep the CD4 Cells count higher:-
Use of beta-Carotine , it is found that beta carotene increases CD4 count , a carrot in daily ,meal is like a great medicine as it contains lot of beta carotene . this aria of treatment for AIDS required lot of research and development if we some mean are able to increase CD4 cells count this will be very help full in treating AIDS patients .
Stem cell Therapy for HIV positive patient :-
(Dr.David DiGusto)
If this is developed sucessfully then we can treat HIV positive individual with stem celss which will generate T-Lymphocytic celss in his body which are resistant to HIV virus entry in them , that way they will be resistant to HIV and produce antibodies against HIV viurs and kill HIV virus (Auto Vaccine) have you heard of auto immunity ,auto immunity brigs some damage in our body but auto vaccine will provide protection against HIV virus.
What is the future of Anti AIDS research and treatment:- In coming 5 years this disease will be having a complete and assured life saving treatment . A person can leave a normal and a successful life . There are depressions associated with this disease, so now one should not keep away these depressions.
This is not only my opinion but also of the great scientist who discovered HIV virus and who was honoured with NOBLE award too says this.
What a person should do when he is detected HIV positive :-
He should start HAART, antiretroviral treatment Drugs ,Medicines immediately as it is shown that the early treatment increases life of a individual. Do not get depressed and he keeps on taking treatment through his doctor. keep aside dipression , worries and depressions brings damages than any good thing, so why it should be in our life? kike it out.

Join me in the Fight Against HIV AIDS just by Emailing this website to your near and dear friends and family members.

Mr.Nelson George Director of movie "Life support". If you can see this movie

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After birth care for preventing HIV virus mother-to-child transmission.

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