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Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Dear friends i am regularly writing on this blog about latest treatment for AIDS HIV positive and a latest information on HIV virus and Information on AIDS and going research and development on anti AIDS Drugs and anti AIDS HIV vaccines ,i am going to give you here the best information about AIDS medicines,best to best treatment for AIDS.

Today i am going to give you very valuable information on HIV anti aids drugs about

How we can make effective and precise use of available anti AIDS Drugs chemotherapeutic agents ,by knowing which drug is not effective against the virus present in infected individuals body.

This can be achieved by knowing resistance developed by HIV AIDS virus against a particular anti AIDS drug.
Drug resistance means the drug is not giving desired effect on HIV virus , that is HIV virus has developed protective mechanism against this anti AIDS drug.
we all know as and when we are using one particular drug against particular infection ,due to biochemical factors and continues usage of these drugs the bacteria or a virus develops resistance against the drugs being used , rendering these drugs less effective.
Same thing happens with HIV virus
we keep on administrating anti AIDS drugs but on prolonged time HIV virus develops a drug resistance against particular anti AIDS drug

well but there is a technique to over come this drug resistance
this is a purely scientific technique that is to map the Gene on of HIV virus from infected person to find out the all possibilities and any mutation, as mutations are the main cause for drug resistance.
This technique is called HIV -1 drug resistance assay.

The current genotypic PCR based assay amplify and sequence the protease gene and reverse transcriptase gene they are not always able to detect HIV -1 M subtype

most reliable could be Viroseq (Abbot Diagnostics USA)

Some companies in INDIA has developed their own HIV-1 drug resistance assay ,indigenous methods which are very reliable .
This company uses spin column based kit rather than imported ones available in the market its one step reverse transcription kit is routinely used to transcribe the protease and Reverse Transcriptase gene of the HIV viral genome to DNA to make it amenable to polymerase chain reaction.This reverse transcription and subsequent PCR is done by a single tube reaction using a highly convenient one step RT-PCR process using the in house developed kit.
One of the important feature of this assay is availability of back up RT PCR primers .these primers are used when drop out specimens are encountered that fail to respond to the first pairs , these HIV drug resistance assays are capable of scanning 100 codons of protease gene.
A HIV drug resistance interpretation report provides important information on HIV drugs, anti AIDS drug resistance profile of drugs like Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase inhibitors ,Non Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase inhibitors , Protease inhibitors .

The HIV Drug resistant assay developed in INDIA provides A SCORING VALUE INDICATION LEVEL OF RESISTANCE AGAINST EACH ANTI AIDS DRUG by a particular HIV virus isolated from infected individual.
This report is very use full tool to decide which drug regimen should be continued for better results for against HIV virus infection. this will help us to bring down HIV virus load to significant lower level so that HIV virus is not detected in blood and semen .
which will definitely save liefs of HIV positive peoples.
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