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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why it is difficult to develop a vaccine for HIV AIDS | what is the best treatment for HIV| What should be the direction of HIV AIDS research

Why it is difficult to develop a vaccine for HIV AIDS .
what is the best solution treatment to fight HIV AIDS .
What should be the direction of HIV AIDS treatment and research on developing drugs and vaccine for HIV AIDS.

I came across news last week about failures of HIV AIDS VACCINE, especially Merck developed HIV vaccine,
I is a great thing and the approach is great and valuable they have actually tagged genetic information (GEN) on a cold virus, but again the immune system is so complex , a specific antigen is required for a trigger of immune response antibody production, rather it would have produced but the measure and span is critical,
But I am with these scientist who had put days and nights to develop this vaccine, and really there is nothing great thing than a failure ,it has also its greatness , so I respect them and I will like to advocate their approach .
Why we faced the failure:-
1.Human immune system is very complex .it requires specific antigen to trigger the immune response . may be the presentation of antigen may be not proper, if we present this antigen in a form of Liposome ,intramuscular . Things could have been different.

2.It was not a complete antigen , it was a part antigen …what I want to say is already said about it
3.lot of other factors are responsible like strain of HIV AIDS virus gene isolated etc.

one should not give up this research as there are still some hopes only the scientist associated with this research will understand what I mean to say.

What is urgent requirement of today’s time to fight against HIV virus AIDS :

As one is infected with the HIV aids virus , the life of person is on stake .
We should save this life .
How we can do this .
As I discussed in my earlier post
1.We should develop more effective chemotherapy which is best effective and is able to inhibit completely enzyme reverse transcriptase .Zudovoudine lamivoudine category drugs.
2.Intigrase inhibitors
3.Intercalase inhibitors
4.HIV Virus attachment inhibitors

The most important is to develop antibodies for HIV Virus, all strains
We should develop neutralizing antibodies which will neutralize the virulence of newly budding HIV virus in human body. This can be done by genetic engendering and is a big topic for discussion .
These neutralizing antibodies along with combination of drugs will prove best for treating HIV AIDS patients .
We will be able to save lots of life around the world.
I pray to god for giving lot of success to the research in this field as it is very important requirement of time.

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