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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Before you know what exactly is this website about i want to write some introduction about this website.
You will find lot of information about HIV AIDS on this website which you will never find it elsewhere as this website is personally written by a scientist who is working on HIV vaccine and development of DNA vaccines for treatment of HIV/aids and for prevention and cure for millions of peoples affected with this disease.
As this website is completely dedicated for research on aids chemotherapy of HIV/AIDS.
there is great information a person affected should know ,as well as you can find research work of Dr. Routy on HIV vaccine and personalised vaccine also you will find lot of things about current research into HIV/AIDS and its effective treatment .Detail about HIV & aids and mode of action of drugs like zudovudine and lamivudine and reverse transcriptase inhibitors ,you can find steps in development of the HIV virus .
There is always a question of average life of HIV patient in minds of a person infected ,but i will like to tel you that if you are taking medication properly there are great chances of better life so read this website in details for better conclusion on aids/HIV treatment .
You will find answers of your questions after reading this blog in details like
what are the difficulty to develop a vaccine towards HIV-1 and eradicate the disease
How we can use DNA reconbimnant technology for developing a HIV aids vaccine
What is emergency aids preventive shot
How emergency aids preventive shot works
Why HIV is undetected by human body in hibernation period
What is HIV antibody hibernation
What is tuberculosis coinfection in HIV aids patients
What are the hopes for medicine invented aids near future
what are the latest research towards cure of HIV aids
How are liposomes used in developing HIV vaccines
What are novel drug delivery system used for developing vaccine for better treatment of AIDS patients
What are the precautionary steps to prevent the exposure of HIV
What is the prevention of attachment inhibitors and their research
What is recent HIV research treatment remedies prevention
What steps a person should take for HIV prevention
What are the symptoms of HIV
What is vaccine development against aids and aids research
What is the development of HIV in our body
Why can the antigen of HIV virus can not be detected properly by our immune system
Why is it difficult to develop a vaccine towards HIV-1 and eradicate the disease
This blog is a place where a person affected with this disease will find lots of good things , hence i recommend all to read this blog in detail
Keep reading this blog to find what is the latest treatment for AIDS HIV,
What is current research and development over HIV AIDS vaccine and Anti AIDS therapy treatment . Information on HIV virus AIDS.
Information on HIV Virus and AIDS symptoms
Send this blog by email to your friends and dear ones to fight against HIV AIDS ,by doing so you are joining me in the fight Against HIV AIDS ,there is a link below every post as email this post you can use this for emailing this blog to your friends.


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