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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pfizer's HIV/AIDS Chemotherapeutic agent |Anti HIV drug Selzentry™ (Maraviroc) Demonstrates Increased Efficacy Rate In Treatment-newly infected HIV

Pfizer's HIV/AIDS Chemotherapeutic agent Anti HIV drug Selzentry™ (Maraviroc) Demonstrates Increased Efficacy Rate In Treatment-newly infected HIV PatientsResults of chemotherapy are getting better for HIV AIDS infected individuals !
This is a latest treatment for AIDS HIV which is life saving.
As I had written in my earlier post about development of effective and best chemotherapy for providing a effective and assured treatment to HIV positive peoples.
I had always stressed up on for developing different steps inhibitors for HIV virus in combination will provide great results than providing immunity by vaccine.
As in later case the immunity provider cell mediated immunity it self is under attack, so it will yield very less than that of combination therapy.
That is combination of Anti HIV AIDS drugs together.
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor + attachment inhibitor + drugs interfering in entry of HIV virus in human T-lymphocytes + immunoglobulin (Neutralizing antibodies against HIV virus)

Well now this is time to find the great treatment available in today’s time for AIDS.
That is combination of Selzentry (maraviroc) a virus entry inhibitor with combivir –reverse transcriptase inhibitor –it is (a combination of zidovudine or AZT and lamivudine or 3TC)

Results of combination of Selzentry (maraviroc) + AZT+ lamivudine are wonderfull .
It has given result to the extent that the virus count has drastically lowered to a undetectable level.And if in coming time we are able to develop another drug which inhibit virus attachment to human T-lymphocyte then probably treatment for HIV AIDS will be complete and sure and a life saving .

We can enhance the effect of anti AIDS therapy by providing immunoglobulines in later stage and some blood components to counteract the cytotoxic effect of these drugs.

Mode of Action of Selzentry (maraviroc) :-
Selzentry (maraviroc) is a HIV virus entry inhibitor to T-Lymphocytes and works by blocking HIV Virus from entering human cells. Specifically maraviroc is a selective, slowly reversible, small molecule antagonist of the interaction between human CCR5 and HIV-1 gp120. Maraviroc selectively binds to the human chemokine receptor CCR5 present on the membrane of CD4 cells (T-Lymphocytes), preventing the interaction of HIV-1 gp120 and CCR5 necessary for CCR5-tropic HIV-1 to enter cells.

Patients which were taking Selzentry, in combination with Combivir ® (zidovudine/lamivudine) and selected by an enhanced sensitivity tropism test to screen patients, experienced a 68 percent rate of virologic suppression to undetectable levels.
MERIT (Maraviroc versus Efavirenz Regimens as Initial Therapy)

reanalysis 68 percent of patients in the Selzentry arm, and 68 percent of patients in the efavirenz arm - a current standard of care - achieved suppression of the virus to undetectable levels (less than 50 copies/ml). When the criterion of less than 400 copies/ml was used, the results were 73 percent with Selzentry, and 72 percent with efavirenz.

Michael Saag, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for AIDS Research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who presented the results.
Said "The results of MERIT ES are exciting as they show that with an enhanced sensitivity tropism assay the efficacy rate of Selzentry shown in MERIT with the original Trofile assay is improved further,"
"These findings are important for patients and physicians and offer guidance for clinical practice with the only version of Trofile currently available."

About the MERIT Study MERIT was a Phase 3 study designed to evaluate the antiretroviral activity of Selzentry (300 mg twice daily) compared to efavirenz (600 mg once daily), a current standard of care, in combination with Combivir (zidovudine/lamivudine) in CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infected patients who had never received antiretroviral therapy and had no evidence of resistance to any of the drugs used in the study.

Selzentry is discovered by Pfizer scientists in 1997, Selzentry is an oral medicine that blocks HIV AIDS virus entry to human cells. Rather than fighting HIV inside white blood cells , Selzentry tm prevents the virus from entering uninfected cells by blocking its predominant entry route, the CCR5 co-receptor.

So there are great Hopes to patients who are infected with HIV virus , they should keep faith one day we will become successful in providing a very effective treatment for AIDS .
As I see in future one more drug coming up that is attachment inhibitor
That will give us an good option for treatment for HIV AIDS.

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