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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Call For The World...For This World.

Call for world AIDS Day!

HIV/AIDS is one of the major issues in front of every nation today , if we do not find ways to fight against HIV it has capability to affect every family in world. HIV virus do not recognise any boundaries of any nation , it do not understand difference of languages , neither it understand differences between poor and rich , women or child or men.

Neither we have drugs or vaccines which are so effective against HIV , which are so effective so that they can completely make a person free from HIV virus, never the less a timely diagnosis and treatment with anti retroviral medicines without any interruption can help an individual to live a quality life for almost time span equivalent to ones life span.

The real meaning of cure from HIV and AIDS for this world lies in the education about this disease.

We need to educate every individual about how HIV spreads from one individual to other.
One can then will be able to take precautionary measures to protect him self or herself from getting HIV infection. 

"In order to educate peoples we should discuss this issue regularly, and preventive measures to be taken to prevent getting HIV infection in our regular discussions too, discuss amongst friends and in offices , there should be a session dedicated to HIV AIDS awareness in each office , in each school in each college .
Discuss as we discus movies , that will spread awareness.

Discuss as we discus about wars.
War against spread of HIV virus. 

And army of each one of us ....then we will be successful in preventing the spread of HIV virus."

It is very easy to adapt simple precautions than providing treatment later .
Find over this blog i have posted about precautionary measures to be taken to prevent HIV virus transmission.

Its very easy to protect some one from getting HIV virus infection by adapting simple precautions than researching a drug or vaccine.

Following is my message every one in this world
Join me !  fight against HIV virus and AIDS !

I am pharmacist and a pharmaceutical , drug research and development analyst and a scientific writer .
I am writing over my blog to encourage ongoing research and development all around the glob over anti retroviral drugs and vaccines , and to encourage our scientists working over antiretroviral drugs and Vaccines.

I like to write on my blog about how important a human life is.

We get our life once, and we should live it in full throttle, as we get it , we should equally enjoy the happiness and pain in it, as we get all these once in life.

I write about motherhood of a women , so how important women's are for this world .

If you like and appreciate my efforts if you really feel that i deserve a place in heart of you all , then please say something about me over your blog or website by writing a testimonial about my blog, providing a link to my blog from your website or blog it will ease our pain in reaching the every individual in this world and tel every one out there and educate them about precautions to be taken for avoiding this disease.

Its World AIDS day on 1 Dec 2010.

Can we demonstrate to this world that a effort taken by an individual like us too are important to eradicate HIV from this world.

Please forward this message to all of your friends kiths and kins family members and colleagues in your office, so that it reaches out to millions of peoples before 1 Dec 2010.

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