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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HIV vaccine research heading towards success,so near but so far, latest research and development towards developing HIV vaccine

HIV vaccine research heading towards success,so near but so far,  latest research and development towards developing HIV vaccine

Our readers ask us many questions like, why there is no vaccine so far available against HIV virus? we are trying to answer question may be I feel there could be the solution in the problem it self, its our great belief that there could be a vaccine developed against HIV virus.
Question: Is it true that some peoples get infected and do not develop any symptoms and live their normal life without developing disease AIDS?

Answer: Yes there are few cases observed where some people are tested HIV positive long ago but have not developed AIDS symptoms or the AIDS disease in their entire life and are called by researchers for finding out what is the key difference in them and the other peoples which is imparting capability for not developing HIV infection in to disease AIDS in such individuals.
Researchers have observed that there is a key difference in the genetic constitution of such peoples and they are termed as controller of the HIV virus.

Further researchers after testing such 974 controllers and about 2500 patients they have found that there is a difference in the protein that triggers on our bodies immune system response in event of an incoming infection. The protein responsible for triggering or alerting immune system has about five amino acids different than that of in others.

This is latest finding in anti retroviral drug and vaccine research and is one of the great finding.
We can isolate and synthesize this protein and study it further and we can use it in developing a new peptide drugs * which could help in imparting similar immunity triggering response in peoples susceptible to HIV virus infection , This will lead to developing antibodies against the HIV virus and inhibiting HIV virus further from invading our bodies T-lymphocytes.

Or this protein can be used along with present antiretroviral drugs, to reduce the resistance of HIV virus towards presently available anti retroviral drugs in HAART regimen

( Also see novel approach towards drugs against HIV virus , developing a peptide called "MIX" )

Getting rid of HIV virus before it invades in to T-lymphocytes is a key factor in success of a HIV vaccines.

An antigens (Vaccines) so for developed as vaccines were able to produce the antibodies against the HIV virus but they could not stop the HIV virus multiplication and replication of HIV virus already invaded in to T-Lymphocytes, that is why we are not able to produce a vaccine which can impart life long immunity to every one against incoming infection of HIV virus.

Latest research towards developing HIV vaccines are more focused to develop vaccines that act precisely against the protein parts in HIV virus which impart HIV virus its ability to invade T lymphocytic cells and integrate its genetic material in to it, like gp 120 and gp 41 proteins , the pattern of their special orientation while invading and attaching the human cell is one of the important factor which protect HIV virus against our bodies immune system in initial stages of infection.
(*We have mentioned in our earlier article about how a proteins too can be used as an anti viral activity these proteins can be designed to form a chain along side the complementary DNA during replication and inhibit replication)


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