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Monday, August 23, 2010

Novel Approach for anti AIDS drug development.

Novel Approach for anti AIDS drug development. A peptide that kills HIV infected cells before they produce HIV virus.

HIV infection and AIDS is one of the major causes of worry in front of every nation today as this disease is spreading very fast, and so far there is no life saving treatment available for this disease. The anti retroviral drugs available today do extended the life and do enhance quality of life, but there are causes of worry when the virus develops a drug resistance and the drugs in the regimen do not lower the viral load to the required level .

So far the anti retroviral drugs available work by inhibiting multiplication of HIV virus.
HIV virus infect and integrates its own DNA in to Human T –Lymphocytic cells there cells
Even if we are successful in killing all the HIV viruses in the body of a HIV virus infected person , later on the T-Lymphocytic cells which are part of our body , automatically starts producing HIV viruses as and when these cells undergo a metabolic process and protein synthesis. Serves as factories of HIV virus.
When these T-Cells are producing required proteins for our body, the DNA in them is also producing HIV virus genetic material as well as proteins and enzymes which after words come together and to form a new HIV virus .

Thus a new HIV virus is always arising form Human cells it self, and not directly from HIV virus, unlike bacteria’s and other viruses.

Our body cells themselves are now working for HIV virus multiplication.
And the drugs available so far till today’s date are not able to destroy these infected T-cells.
To make a person free from HIV virus will thus requires that, the whole T cells are required to be replaced with one which do not contain the HIV virus genetic material incorporated in them (Provirus).
This makes it very difficult but it is not impossible we can do this by engineering infected T-Lymphocytes genetically.

Engineering the infected T-Lymphocytic cells genetically so that, they do not code for HIV virus genetic material and proteins.

Approaches so far toward goal is made so far are as follows:

1.Stem cell treatment for AIDS .

Bone marrow replacement surgery on AIDS patient provides hope towards development of stem cell treatment Dr .Gero Hutter et al

2.Gene Therapy  Professor Ben Berkhout ea al
3.Gene Therapy for HIV vrius infection prvention  Dr. David DiGiusto et al

4.Development of Neutralising Antibodies against HIV virus Sir Dennis Burton et al

5.Peptide called “Mix” (Professors Abraham Loyter, Assaf Friedler et al ) which makes it sure that the HIV infected cells get destroyed automatically and faster , so that HIV virus multiplication is hampered.

There are many efforts taken so many workers , i will dedicate a separate post for scientists working on HIV and AIDS research with their work with details.
I have already written about first two approaches in my earlier posts.

Now lets take a look at the 3rd approach which is a latest research and development on anti retroviral drug, reported on 17-Aug-2010 .

Work of Professors Abraham Loyter, Assaf Friedler and their colleagues at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

HIV virus when it incorporates its DNA in human T-Lymphocytes , it integrates in a very controlled manner so that it takes care that our T-Lymphocytes cells do not get destroyed before they code and generate HIV virus proteins and genetic material and form enough new HIV viruses.
Professors Abraham Loyter, Assaf Friedler and their colleagues have reported that they have developed a peptide called as “MIX”

Peptide “MIX” is able to increase activity of HIV virus enzyme called DNA integrase , which will make HIV virus to integrate bit larger portion of the DNA of HIV virus than usual , in to human T-Lymphocytes cells so that the human cell get destroyed itself, faster before the new HIV virus particles are formed.
This peptide as reported to be show encouraging results in laboratory experiments.
I congratulate Professors Abraham Loyter, Assaf Friedler et al. hope his finding provide a promising result in clinical studies too .

His work is one of the milestones in developing a drug or regimen of therapy against AIDS and HIV infection .

Present category of drugs available against HIV virus are as follows.

1.Nucleoside and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI):-Inhibit Virus multiplication by inhibiting reverse transcriptase enzyme.

2. Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI):- Inhibit Virus multiplication by inhibiting reverse transcriptase enzyme.

3. Protease inhibitors. Inhibit virus multiplication by hampering production of viral protein coat.

4. Integrase inhibitors :- Inhibit viral DNA (Provirus) getting integrated in to T-lymphocytes.

5. Entry inhibitors :-Inhibit attachment and injection of HIV virus genetic material in to T-lymphocytes.

6. Maturation inhibitors : This class of drug is under investigation , they hamper synthesis viral capcid protein coat.

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