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Friday, July 30, 2010

Information on HIV virus infection HIV virus transmission ,Precautions to avoid HIV infection

Information on HIV virus infection HIV virus transmission ,Precautions to avoid HIV infection and AIDS.

Our society has to play a major role in eradication of HIV and AIDS from this world. One can hate the HIV virus but not the HIV positive individuals. They too are human beings. We should not discriminate them. Now with the availability of novel medicines, a HIV positive individual can live a better quality life. There are examples of people out there.

The effect of drugs are also dependent of emotional status of an individual, if someone who is HIV positive decides in his mind that he or she will be able to live a quality life, then they can really live a very good quality life.

I urge everyone out there to please come out of this and say yes to life!. Say yes! If you can find strength in yourself, then tomorrow will be joyful and bright. In the future, we might also see more efficient drugs and vaccines be developed and made available, which gives even more people life quality.

What one should do if a person finds that he is HIV positive?

One should consult the doctor immediately and start medication immediately, and one can keep every thing in control by timely and proper medication, one can live a better quality life.

How HIV is not transmitted?

It is not transmitted through food or air, (coughing or sneezing).

A person don't get infected by a household member, relative, or co-worker, or friend through casual or everyday contact such as sharing eating utensils or bathroom facilities, or through hugging.

One doesn’t get HIV from giving blood at a blood bank or other established blood collection center.

AIDS or HIV virus do not spread by living together or studding in same school with some one who is HIV positive.

Lastly we should fight against HIV virus, and not against infected individual, they need all of us and our love , our society should not discriminate them , we should take good care of them, as every life in this world is very precious.

I will like to write on few of the most important facts about HIV virus infection prevention.

It is very easy to prevent HIV virus spread or prevent infection by adapting very simple precautionary measures, than providing a medical treatment against HIV virus infection , in other words it is very difficult for doctors to provide a life saving treatment against HIV infection, as the HIV virus keeps on mutating and keeps on developing resistance against drugs, rendering the drugs partially or completely ineffective , in such situations , doctors are required to switch over to other drugs, discarding current , so it’s in ones hand what to chose , HIV infection or preventive measures?

How a HIV virus infect?

HIV virus is transmitted if HIV virus comes in direct contact with your mucous membrane, open wound, or with bloodstream, or if some one has sex with HIV positive individual.

HIV virus is transmitted though anal, vaginal or oral sex, and by sharing contaminated hypodermic, or intramuscular needles.

HIV is transmission through deep or prolonged "French" kissing, if some one has broken mucus membranes, bleeding gums.

HIV can be transmitted from an infected mother to her child during pregnancy or delivery , and infants can get infection through milk from HIV positive mother.

What are the precautions to prevent HIV infection?

I request every one in this world, please adapt precautions to prevent HIV infections, they are very simple and easy.

One should avoid direct contact of your open wounds or mucus membrane , with HIV infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid, one should always avoid sex with unknown person or HIV positive individual.

Show your courage by saying no for sex with unknown person.

Condoms are very important tool in preventing HIV virus infection.

Use of condom helps in prevention of sexual transmission of HIV virus.

We have to do lot of work in the field of prevention of HIV virus transmission from a mother to her child, we need to educate women’s .
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