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Friday, November 13, 2009

Qute smoking join in the mission against smoking and Gutkha . Save future of Childrens

Tobacco is one of the thing which has paralised mankind worldwide.

If you are smoking ,chewing , or consuming tobacco in any form , then keep in mind that you are poisoning your brain.

Effect of smoking on our Brain
It first increase the stimulation in brain , it gives you , a feeling of wellbeing , but after smoking after an hour or two  , tobacco exactly works in reverse manner....It will bring depression in your brain.....It will make you less confident.....It will make you forget many important tings which are essential to become sucessful in Job , Bussiness , and personal life too.

Why there is feeling of wellbeing?
Tobaco contains a alcaloid called as Nicotine ...It mimiks all activities of a neuro trasmeter in brain like noradrenaline and adrenaline.
This brings about initial stimulation in our brain.

Why It Gives Dipression after few hours of smoking.?

As nicotine is not a true neuro trasmeter , our body develops a feed back mechanism to counteract its stimulation activty .
This leads to a state of dipression after some time after smoking , where a person is not able to do his work normaly.
This is where dwonfall starts for mankind.
Peoples dont like to understand or know  these biochemichal changes which occures in our brain. The cigarte that you are smoking is giving pleaure for a munite , and making your brain a less functional , than before smoking.

The same things happen when tobaco is consumed in any other form , like gutkha , pan etc.

This effect is causes a loss to an individual .
He becomes unsucessful in his carrier , in his life , apparently he may be sucessful but really if you ask a smoking guy , they will tel you exactly the same thing that i am writing here.

This cause loss to our nation and mankind , families .

I have decided to start a drive to educate peoples and ask every one to stay away from smoking , gutkha , and tobacco.

I have a dream ,  i want to see a world where no one will make use of tobacco , or smoke a cigarette , or chew Gutkha.

Realy gutkha has become a curce for India , every college going youngster and kids are traped in to the habit of chewing gutkah amd , cigarete smoking.

We anounce that we have a mission , to educate , peoples for living healthy life , where there is no place for smoking , and Gutkha.

We will ask peoples to quite smoking.

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