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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Neutralising antibodies, PG9 and PG16 discovered , brings hope for development of HIV vaccine

Today I am writing with proud over my blog that the things that I wrote years before for developing a vaccine for HIV virus are becoming true

(I wrote on this blog on  5-10-2008 

Today on 5-Sep-2009 there was a news coming in from USA , about good results of a research carried out by Sir. Dennis Burton of The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California , who is a imminent immunologist and a great human being too , (without this quality this is impossible to think of providing a life saving treatment to peoples affected by HIV) in the research and development of HIV vaccine.

The development in the research which I am writing about is reported in the journal Science on Friday will help to develop a vaccine against HIV virus , these newly discovered antibodies which attaches themselves to a portion over HIV virus body which do not mutate and they neutralizes the capacity of HIV virus to multiply in number .These antibodies target a stable portion of the HIV virus that does not frequently mutate , These frequent mutations occurring in HIV virus from person to person whom it infect has till now helped the HIV virus escape earlier developed experimental vaccines.

Sir Dennis Burton and fellow scientists have discovered two highly powerful new antibodies that neutralised all major forms of the virus from the body of an African man

Sir Dennis Burton and his team of researchers collected blood samples from more than 1,800 people in Thailand, Australia and Africa who had been infected with HIV for at least three years without the infection proceeding to severe disease.

They have isolated two antibodies, PG9 and PG16, from an African patient. The antibodies were able to block the activity of about three-quarters of the 162 separate strains of HIV they tested it against.

They have also identified the genes in the donor's body responsible for building the neutralizing antibodies.

If this becomes successful we can genetically engineere these antibodies , with the help of this gene, by hybridoma technique , and we can produce these antibodies in vitro, and we can use these antibodies to treat HIV infected peoples.

These antibodies can be used find out which site on the HIV virus is stable and this can be used to develop a protein which will trigger the immune response in event of HIV infection, this logic will help to develop a promising vaccine against HIV virus.

I Congratulat and give my regards to

Sir Dennis Burton and his team and Sir Wayne Koff, senior vice-president of research and development at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Scripps Research Institute

For this great work in HIV vaccine development. This finding is going to become a part of treatment for HIV infection in coming days



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