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Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to prevent swine flue , what are the drugs available for swine flue what is treatment and prevention

Using a very very dilute solution of potassium permanganate as a disinfectant

When ever you go out in crowded places where there is swine flu epidemic , where there is higher risk of getting contamination of swine flue , or if you are a doctor treating patients infected with H1N1 virus.

(Two doctors from Mumbai India KEM hospital got H1N1 infection while treating patients.)

At such places you never know who is infected with swine flue H1N1 virus , hence we will like to advice following practice for you so that you will not get infected.

1.After you come back to your home from such places , remove your clothes in toilet , quarantine them , wash them with detergent and water , then wash your hands with very dilute solution of KMNO4 , wash your nostrils with this very very dilute solution of potassium permanganate.
Avoid getting this solution with contact with eyes , it is corrosive to delicate tissues . But is very effective against swine flu virus , take a bath washing your hairs too.

(This Decontamination procedure should be followed by doctors too who are working with patients with swine ful.
While on work doctors should wash their hands with this dilute soulution of KMNO4 , and wash nostrils gently with this solution , intermitantly after removing nose mask depending up on the risk involved.)

Make a very very dilute solution of potassium permangnate* (*Add Five small crystals of Potassium permanganate in three liters of water) and keep it in your home or hospital as a sanitizer and decontaminiating agent.

Always use a freshly prepared solution , as a old solution may not be so effective as fresh one.
KMNO4 is very effective against swine flue virus as a disinfectant , it kills swine flue virus very effectively than any other chemical agent , it just like burning the virus , Kmno4 is a very strong oxidising agent , and it is known to oxidise any living or non living biological ,organic, protienatious material , and swine flue virus is very porn to kmno4 .

Hence when ever you go out in a places where there is a chance of having some carriers of swine flue virus infection , and when you at such places follow following practices:

2.Don't touch unnecessarily any surfaces walls , and objects around ,with empty hand wear a Hand gloves .

3.Avoid touching your nose and face with your hand.

4.Wear a nose mask ( best is the bio medical waste protection mask n95 ) , it should be covering your nose and mouth completely.

6.Avoid sneezing in public place , if at all cover your face with your hand and tissue.

7.Wash your hand with any disinfectant and soap under running water under a tap frequently, if you can make use of KMNO4 dilute solution described above.

8.Do not travel to any crowded places , if at all please use a good nose mask , firmly covering your mouth and nose.

9.Disposing a used nose mask too is very important other wise your nose mask may become a mean for spread of virus in your family . Use one mask maximum for 8 hours , discard the nose mask in a biomedical waste bin if you are in hospital , if you are at home , best way is to put it in a solution of potassium permanganate for few hours , wash your hands again with potassium permanganate solution.

Teach this to students in your school too .

10.If possible should spread bleaching powder in surrounding the hospitals and quarantines , and near your house or housing complexes, and around crowded slums , as it evolves chlorine , which is a very effective against any virus . It will also take care of other disease causing microorganisms.

Why you should use a nose mask , and which nose mask should be used to prevent swine flu (use a nose mask bio medical west handling mask n95)

11.Swine flue virus spreads in person to person through droplets from the nose, throat and mouth through sneezing, coughing, and speaking .

Hence use a nose mask bio medical mask n95 , this is very important , H1N1 virus gains entry in to your body through inhalation , and it is a most effective way of prevention for swine flue virus.
12.Eat healthy , do some exercises early morning in fresh air.
This will boost your immunity , and your body will be good enough to fight against H1N1 virus.

There are vaccines available for swine flue , but supply is not sufficient to cope up with population of the world.
Eggs as well as cell culture is used to make a vaccine for swine flue.

There are drugs available for swine flue example tamiflue .

But we will like to suggest drugs combination therapy for

(Suggestion for Doctors only -->Virus attachment inhibitor + virus RNA synthesis inhibitor + virus mRNA translation inhibitor )

13.One should not take a drugs of his own in panic , as this may induce drug resistance in you and it will not give effect when required.

14.Human body is very particular about fighting diseases , it develops immunity against any incoming infection , so some peoples will just show mild symptoms with less severity as that found in peoples with other underlying diseases , this is due to strong immune response of healthy human body.

15.Swine flue virus infection so far has become life threatening in cases where the patients have history of other underlying chronic diseases too , like diabetes , weakness due to other reasons , old age peoples with poor immunity should take care of them , and other infectious diseases.

Symptoms of swine flu.

Symptoms of swine flu are more or less similar to the of symptoms of normal flu like fever, cough, sore throat, body aches , headache, chills and fatigue.
patients have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu. In the past , severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) , swine flu becomes life threatening if there are other underlying chronic medical conditions.

Here is a good informative pdf presentation for prevention for swine flu ,



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We should email this presentation to our family members and friends as many peoples as we can.

So join me in swine ful preventive drive by sending this presentation to most of peoples around the world.


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