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Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS day hope for life |Latest treatments available for AIDS |what could be the solution for AIDS |future of research and development for AIDS

Dear Readers,
keeping in mind the importance of today's day "World AIDS day"
i want to write few things for entire world .Today the entire world is under threat of HIV AIDS disease ,with our research and development research scientists are working days and nights ,
still mile stone is to be achieved , we have to achieve the point where we can assure of a life saving treatment for AIDS HIV positive.
I am been asked by lots of peoples about the cure of AIDS, and i am very hopeful that in coming 5 years we are going to get a prominent life saving treatments for aids , our researchers and scientists are really working very hard to find a permanent solution for this disease.
keeping in mind the importance of today's day i will like to say few things.
1.Life is very precious.
2.It is very easy to Protect some one from AIDS than to give treatment for AIDS.
3.we should protect every ones life from HIV AIDS by adapting good life style ,avoiding unprotected sex, as it is the major source of spread of HIV AIDS.
4.One should live his life as it comes don't worry if you are HIV positive, one should dream about tomorrow ,dreams are very important for life. live each and every day of your life without loosing hope of life , as living this day as it has come is of prime importance as a day past will never come live your life as it comes leave all your worries to researchers and doctors
we are hopeful that we will be able to take control over HIV AIDS soon.
Please follow and ask to follow every one the instruction given over this blog to protect your self from HIV AIDS infection .If every one on this earth reads and follows the instructions on this blog ,that will save millions of life's. so forward this blog to all of your friends and dear ones.
I have written article on latest treatment for AIDS, done by bone marrow replacement
there is complete and in depth review of this latest treatment for AIDS.
latest drugs for AIDS HIV latest research and development on anti AIDS drugs
latest ongoing research and development on HIV AIDS vaccine and anti AIDS drugs.

How anti AIDS chemotherapuetic agents like ZUDOVUDINE Zidovudine Azidothymidine are developed ,what is mode of acton of these class of anti AIDS drugsread this blog patiently and ask to all your dear ones to read this blog to follow protective measures for HIV AIDS.
Keep reading this blog to find all sorts of information on HIV virus and information on AIDS.
what is the latest treatment for AIDS HIV,
Information about AIDS medicines
AIDS symptoms SYMPTOMS OF HIV HIV symptoms
What is current research and development over HIV AIDS vaccine and Anti AIDS therapy treatment . Information on HIV virus AIDS
Send this blog by email to your friends and dear ones to fight against HIV AIDS ,by doing so you are joining me in the fight Against HIV AIDS ,there is a link below every post as email this post yu can use this for emailing this blog to your friends.


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