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Friday, December 5, 2008

Anti AIDS HIV Research and Development Preserving T-Lymphocytes from non infected individuals will save life in case they gets HIV in future.

Friends today i am going to write about HIV AIDS treatment not to assure the peoples who are infected with HIV virus or are HIV positive but to list and discuss with scientists around the world "what should be the research and development strategies for developing a life saving treatment for AIDS", i want to write some of the immunological facts about this disease, in keeping in mind that this blog is been referred and read by lot of scientist and Research institutions , Universities and Schools around the world.
I hope in future we are able to find better treatment for AIDS.
I get regular emails from all sections asking me 'why it is so difficult to develop a vaccine for aids'? or 'what are the difficulties that we can not develop a very effective medicine or a remedy for treating AIDS patients '? .
yes it is bit difficult,but not impossible!.
We are successful in developing a very effective chemotherapeutic agents for HIV AIDS .
What happens if one meets with an accident ,there is some damage to the body
But we save lives, isn't it ?
Here too i am very much sure and assured that in coming days we are going to achieve a complete life saving treatment for AIDS HIV positive individuals.
There is some damage to the body in case of accident, here too in case of HIV infection our body cells which protects our body from all sorts of infections gets damaged.
HIV virus brings about a mutation in the original DNA of the individual,this is not the only reason but HIV virus changes its own identity by making mutations in its genetic material.
This is why it is difficult to develop a very effective vaccine for HIV AIDS.
This two points are very crucial .
My fellow doctors and scientists are well aware of what happens when a mutation occurs.
We are struggling to find a vaccine against HIV virus .
We are successful to some extent ,but the success rate varies from individual to individual.
Dr.Jean-Pierre Routy & Dr.Nina Bharadwaj from India .
Both are very respected in the field of HIV AIDS vaccine development
These are the individuals who are clear and are sucessfull in researching AIDS HIV vaccine .
I know they are going to achieve the goal.
Dr.Jean-Pierre Routy is very precisely developing personalised vaccine for HIV AIDS and i salute to these individuals who are thinking of providing vaccine to this world for saving millions of life , and this world.
{Read over this blog about Dr.Jean-Pierre Routy & Dr.Nina Bharadwaj in my earlir posts.}

But through this blog i want to shair my logic of developing a very useful treatment for AIDS so that we can save so many life's.

Exploring the possibility of T-Lymphocytes therapy for HIV AIDS.Imagine we have preserved nicely T-lymphocytic cells of a person who is not infected , but it happens that the person gets HIV infection .
What we will do, to save life of this person in this case ?
My approach will be to start a HAART regimen immediately,so that the virus load reaches to a non detectable level .
Then i will like to grow in laboratory T-Lymphocytic cells of this person which are preserved before getting HIV infection.
Now i will treat a this HIV positive individual with his own T-lymphocytic cells which are grown in lab by combining with part vaccines , not a gene vaccines, but part protein vaccines which are under development and along with interferons .
i have divided the therapy in two stages .
1. HAART .
2. Immunologically primed T-lymphocytes of an individual before infection.

This approach will rejuvenate the immunological strength of an individual infected with HIV.
Just imagine how brilliant are the results of stem cell therapy today.
Similarly we will be able to put a normal T-Lymphocytic cell in to a HIV positive individual which are not caring a HIV virus in it, but are very resistant to HIV virus entry .
This approach is all ready in existence for treating other types of disease , immunological therapy.
This requires to be extensively developed for treating HIV AIDS.

It will be very beneficial to preserve in advance T-lymphocytic cells of a normal individual, which will prove really life saving in instance of HIV infection , if treated immediately.

I welcome all my fellow researchers to shair their knowledge with every one over this blog about latest treatments for AIDS HIV and latest ongoing research and development of HIV AIDS vaccine and chemotherapeutic agents.
I welcome any one who want to write over this blog about finding a solution for this HIV AIDS , your article will be published over this blog with due respect and acknowledgement.


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