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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Information on AIDS ,HIV virus What should be done to treat HIV infection HIV positive individual|What is the best treatment available today for AIDS

What should be done to treat HIV infected HIV positive individual.?
What is the best treatment available today for AIDS .?
What will be a best treatment for AIDS in today’s time.?

Information about AIDS treatment ,
Information on AIDS for future development of and anti AIDS drug , antiretroviral drug

After an individual is infected of found infected with HIV it is very big blow on the entire family of that person, but don’t worry now , I know that we can give life to such individuals who are caught by this disease, it is true that the treatment is difficult but it is not impossible. Today we have certain drugs available to treat HIV infection are such that
HIV virus is almost undetected with the treatment of these drugs , I will brief about these drugs and I will also tell you what is the future of HIV AIDS research and AIDS treatment.

Medicines Chemotherapy for AIDS:-As soon as a person is found HIV infected of positive following drugs should be started immediately with doctors advice .
1.(Azidothymidine ,AZT+ Lamivudine ) Combivir (Reverse transcriptase inhibitors) and
Norvir-boosted Prezista has showed viral count to the extent that it is undetectable.
2. Maraviroc –This is a latest new drug available for treatment for AIDS yet to be available in market , there are lot of hopes from this molecule I hope they are fulfilled.
Maraviroc is a drug which inhibits HIV virus from entering the T-lymphocyte, the best level of protection.
3.HIV Virus attachment inhibitors ( Yet to be developed):-
This class of drugs are very important as they will provide a very effective, efficient and sure treatment for AIDS HIV infection ,
I have written in depth in my earlier post regarding the research and development of HIV Virus attachment inhibitors refer on this blog.

These antiaids medicines chemotherapeutic agents will definitely lower the count of HIV virus to the extent that it is not detected.
But this should not be stooped here ,but I will recommend further few immunological treatments with
what is latest treatment for AIDS?
Treatment of AIDS with neutralizing antibodies and TB vaccine flue vaccine:-
1.Anti TB vaccine which is a latest development recently developed.
As the main cause of deaths in HIV infected patients is Tuberculosis co infection,
If a individual is recently found to be positive he should be first given this anti TB vaccine so that the co infection do not develop mean while we can treat patient with above drugs
2. Flue vaccine: - Patients newly found positive should be given flue vaccine so that the are protected from common cold infections which will not aggravate the condition and keep infections under control.

2.Neutralising antibodies for HIV virus PRO 140 antibodies which are recently developed and are very effective in inhibiting virus from attaching to human T-lymphocyte .
If we combine these antibodies along with Maraviroc and combivir , I am sure that the virus load is almost goes to zero and persons life can be saved.

What happens when HIV virus is not detected after these treatments:-
HIV virus remains there in the blood stream , we should continue the treatment further with neutralizing antibodies and other drugs and ones we are able to maintain good CD4 count our body will try to develop its indigenous vaccine against the HIV virus which will impart immunity to our body , but there will be always a race between HIV virus and antibodies against the HIV virus , so it is very important to keep the CD 4 cells count higher.

What should be done to keep the CD4 Cells count higher:-
Use of beta-Carotine , it is found that beta carotene increases CD4 count ,
a carrot in daily ,meal is like a great medicine as it contains lot of beta carotene .
this aria of treatment for AIDS required lot of research and development
if we some mean are able to increase CD4 cells count this will be very help full in treating AIDS patients .

What is the future of Anti AIDS research and treatment:-

In coming 10 years this disease will be having a complete and assured treatment .
A person can leave a normal and a successful life .
There are depressions associated with this disease, so now one should not keep these depressions after reading this website.

What a person should do when he is detected HIV positive :-

He should start HAART, antiretroviral treatment Drug s Medicines immediately as it is shown that the early treatment increases life of a individual. One can actually live till these 10 years and further his complete life provided he do not get depressed and he keeps on taking treatment through his doctor


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