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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Latest treatment for AIDS done with bone marrow transplant latest treatment for AIDS|Reveiw article oninformation on HIV virus | information on AIDS.

Latest treatment for AIDS done with bone marrow transplant latest treatment for AIDS:Review
I came across a news about latest treatment for aids by a German doctor Dr Gero Huetter who has claimed to have "cured" HIV in a patient by giving him a bone marrow transplant.

First off all any disease be it a common cold can not be claimed as “Cured”
as a health care professional I want to educate every one who is reading me , that we treat ,diseases and the process of treatment brings relief from the disease and we cant claim as we cured, its scientifically incorrect.Even though I am with this noble doctor Dr Gero Huetter, his efforts to provide treatment to HIV AIDS patients is great ,as his treatment has provided lots of hopes to every one of us working on this disease,AIDS.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post about Gene therapy for HIV AIDS , he has given bone marrow transplant to a HIV positive AIDS patient , as he says there are some peoples around the world who’s T-lympocytic cells are resistant to HIV infection .
this could prove as a great breakthrough as if this is true we can preferably treat an individual infected with HIV AIDS with gene therapy rather than a bone marrow transplant so that the same gene which is responsible for the resistance for HIV infection can be incorporated in HIV infected individuals which will not allow HIV virus to enter in new lympocytic cells which will eventually protect body .

This can bring great relief and life to millions affected with this disease . This latest treatment for AIDS HIV is required to be studied and developed further .
Hence hats off for Dr Gero Huetter .i sincerely congratulate him as his finding is of great value today.

I Salute him, i feel if this is required to be tested world wide .
As I have always insisted for treatment for AIDS ,rather than for AIDS Vaccine development .
As treatment is easier ,as we can develop several drug molecules to inhibit HIV virus infection process steps these are allready used in latest treatments for AIDS HIV

Vaccine development is very challenging and it will take lot of time by the time we want to treat so many peoples affected with HIV AIDS.
Even I am sure that in coming time we will get
DNA vaccines for HIV AIDS
Protein part vaccines HIV AIDS
Personalised vaccine for HIV AIDS
there are maney latest drugs for treatment of HIV AIDS under clinical trials

Dr Gero Huetter

Dr Gero Huetter’s AIDS treatment news says:
A 42-year-old American who is living in Berlin, has shown no trace of HIV virus for nearly two years since Dr Gero Huetter, who is a haematologist, operated up on him - a standard treatment for leukaemia, from which the patient was also suffering.
The breakthrough finding gives us hope for cutting-edge gene therapies to tackle the disease that killed 2 million people worldwide last year and infected another 2.7 million.
Working on a hunch, Dr Huetter selected a bone marrow donor who had a genetic resistance to most strains of HIV in the hope that the transplanted marrow would produce HIV-resistant cells in his patient.
It appears to have worked, and yesterday 13-Nov-08 Dr Huetter declared his patient ''functionally cured''.
The patient has taken no anti-retroviral drugs, the standard treatment for AIDS, since the transplant.
( I will recommend for continuous antiretroviral drugs therapy …as of today only chemotherapy has proved that the virus load almost goes to such extent that it is not detected ) read in detail over this website .
"HIV has an Achilles heel,'' Dr Huetter told a press conference in Berlin.
That "Achilles" heel is a molecule that sits on the outside of a human cell and acts as a doorway to let HIV invade the body.
People with the genetic resistance have a mutation which blocks the production of the molecule, giving carriers a life-long resistance to most strains of HIV.
About 1 per cent of Europeans have the mutation, but people of African, Asian and South American descent almost never carry it.
Though bone marrow transplants are not an effective therapy, since they are expensive and kill up to 30 per cent of recipients, it offers hope that AIDS patients' cells could be re-engineered using gene therapy.
US expert David Baltimore, who won a Nobel prize for his research on cancer viruses, described the breakthrough as "a very good sign'' and virtual "proof of principle'' for gene therapy cures,
Though the case has provoked great excitement, most experts are likely to remain wary until it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.
Will Nutland, from the Terrence Higgins Trust, said: "This give researchers a new avenue to explore but it should be remembered that we do not know what will happen to this patient in the long-term and that this has only been tried in one person.
"Also, if it is a breakthrough it will be a breakthrough in decades rather than years."
He added that HIV could remain in the body at undetectable levels for years.

Well this is all about the news :
I promise every one of you every time when I write for you all regarding HIV AIDS treatment and ongoing research on Vaccine and anti AIDS drugs that , "one day there will be a sure shot a definite a guaranteed treatment will be available for AIDS" !.
Till then hold on , HIV positive person should take medicines properly and regularly ,so that he saves his life.
Read my earlier post you will find even the latest treatment of AIDS by chemotherapeutic drugs has become very promising and a individual affected can live for longest life.
All should keep on reading this website .
As in this world I feel this website is the only place for the millions affceted who will definitely find relief and lots of hope for life. as here are all latest research and developments ongoing research on HIV AIDS.
i have writen about accidental HIV infected nedeel prik and its treatment.
HIV AIDS prevention steps ,i believe in living this life as it comes to us be it HIV positive ,or poverty we will live our life very strongly.
as i am sure that one day we will be having a latest to latest sure guarented a life saving treatment for AIDS and for HIV positive peoples can can have better life in coming days ,
sitll i am of the opinion that .
it is better to easy to prevent hiv virus from entering in our body by simple preventive steps for HIV measures in life rather than providing latest treatment for HIV positive .

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Whoever you are I just want to say thank you for posting this blog. As a father of a child that is HIV positive I'm looking for every bit of hope that I can find that someday there will be a cure for this desease. God bless you.