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Friday, October 31, 2008

Information about AIDS |Information about HIV VIRUS| Latest treatment for AIDS HIV | AIDS Vaccine research terning to be neutralising antibody for HIV

Latest treatment for AIDS HIV AIDS Vaccine research directing to neutralising antibody for HIV .what is current treatment available for HIV AIDS. Information on HIV virus AIDS.
If you have all these questions then read through out this website ,
in last post i had mentioned about latest development of antiaids drug Selzentry™ (Maraviroc)
which is a HIV virus inhibitor , it inhibits entry of HIV virus in to T-lymphocytes of human , and there by prevents further infection of new T-cell.
this drug is combined with combivir TM, and is tested by Pfizer, results are found very satisfactory.
Virus count can go as low so that it may not be detected. this is what is claimed by MERIT study and i hope is good for the world.
Well this is not the last stop for the research for HIV .
we have to develop two more drugs.
1.HIV virus attachment inhibitors
2.HIV AIDS neutralising antibodies.....This is very important.
as there is very little out come coming from latest research work on vaccine , and this is very time consuming but it is very important also.
but what about the peoples all ready infected, to treat them we should develop HIV AIDS neutralising antibodies ,That means the antibodies will find new virus and form a complex around the HIV virus and dissolve this virus rendering it nonvirulent , this can be done by genetic engineering , we should develop antibodies which has high affinity towards HIV core proteins and enzymes.imagine a antibody for reverse transcriptase ....can we do it(shouting)....YE S!
we can do it.
it is better to specifically target and kill HIV virus with these neutralising antibodies for HIV , if these are combined with Selzentry™ (Maraviroc) and ZIDOVUDINE (AZT) +lamivudine. results will be far better and a definite assured treatment for AIDS can be provided to millions of peoples affected.
The peoples who are affected with this disease should read me as there are very few peoples who can assure all of them for future of HIV AIDS treatment and i am one of them who has guarantee that one day we will win over this disease.
How to develop Neutralising antibodies for HIV AIDS virus:-
step 1:- Isolate HIV all strains
step 2 :-Attenuate fragment the HIV virus
step 3:- Inject in suitable animal and find out the triggered antibody production
step 4 :- Isolate the antibodies from the animal body by adsorption electrophoresisalcohol denaturantion followed by hydration.
Step 5 :-Treatment with Viricidal agent
Step 6 :- Formulation in to a suitable ready to be used parantraly formulation.
Though i have written 6 steps , these are very important and very valuable
You will find allmost all future developments and research for treatment for AIDS and drug development .
You will find answers of all questions over this blog related to HIV AIDS
Keep reading this blog to find what is the latest treatment for AIDS HIV,
What is current research and development over HIV AIDS vaccine and Anti AIDS therapy treatment . Information on HIV virus AIDS.

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