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Saturday, October 18, 2008


As a researcher I have lot of questions in my mind about HIV AIDS I asked very important questions ,answers of which even I was not able to find, and I thought Dr.Uttam will be able to answer them as he associated with latest research on HIV AIDS and he is providing latest treatment for AIDS.
he knows about my depth of interest for current research and development in the field of HIV vaccine and anti AIDS drugs and my eager to help HIV infected hiv positive peoples around the world and even he has treated lot of HIV patients for various aliments, be it a operation on HIV infected patient or what ever , he is doing very hard work to provide latest to latest treatment for AIDS to them them.
Me:"Dr.Uttam very important question in my mind that I wan to ask you is
Will there be a complete, sure ,and a life saving treatment available in coming time as doctor I am very much interested in this rather than just knowing about what is current mode of treatment for HIV infected individuals please tel me” .

Dr.Uttam:-“As you are day and nights and for last 15 years thinking about this question you are a very known pharmacist and a very knowledgeable person you better know about this.

Definitely! There is going to be a life saving treatments for HIV AIDS in coming times.
There is research going on Personalized HIV AIDS vaccine which means that a patient will be treated by taking out some blood out of his body and this blood sample will be utilized to make a partial antibodies vaccine for triggering immune response in early stage.

Today chemotherapy is also advancing towards better and better and effective drugs specific drugs are available to control viral load . I don’t say that they are completely 100% effective but if we treat an individual with the current available anti AIDS drugs results are good.
That means one can live his life span only thing is that he has to follow doctors advice.
And in coming days if we are able to bring up Molecules which are very effective
1. Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
2. Intigrase inhibitor.
3. Intercalase inhibitor.
4. Virus attachment inhibitors
5. Immunoglobulin.
These classes of drugs are very important and if we are able to develop them
We will certainly can treat an individual and save millions of life's around the world.
As in case of Tuberculosis infection. I am not talking about TB associated with AIDS but Tuberculosis infection it self with out HIV.
Today we have a sure shot drug in combination, and we are saving 100% life's by these drugs.
I hope same will be the situation for HIV AIDS in coming 10 years we will be having a complete treatment for HIV AIDS by making effective combination of above classes of drugs.

In case of AIDS where there is full blown high load of virus , we should have specifically designed immunoglobulin which will protect the person from further opportunistic infections.
These treatments are costly but life is also very important, we are wasting millions of Dollars on WARS and ammunition's every country in this world is wasting so much money on fighting with human being.
If they will take out 1% of the funds from each country around the glob, I am sure that we will be able to save lots of life's.
But today unfortunately we are lacking in development of above mentioned drugs, I mean attachment inhibitors.
As you have written earlier in this blog about attachment inhibitors. Research on this molecule is highly required.
Who will help us are a Medicinal Chemist, Organic Chemist. Pharmacologists Pharmacist immunologists, microbiologists all of we have to come together to develop attachment inhibitors”.
ME:"Dr.Uttam other important question , what precautions one has to take if he gets a prick of needle which is infected with HIV" ?

Dr.Uttam :-
"One has to take following actions immediately.
First:- give few cuts around the prick so as to expose the point of prick so as to squeeze out the blood rapidly.
This will mechanically remove the infected blood.
This has to be practiced in presence of a trained Doctor or surgeon,
Taking precautions that these procedures do not contaminate any thing.
Second :-Immediately rinse the wound with dilute solution of Hydrogen peroxide allow good time exposure of hydrogen peroxide solution with tissue. as this is a very good viricidal agent should not be given orally in any case as it will be dangerous.
Third step:- you have to take is wash wound with alcohol .

Fourth Step :-Apply Povidine iodine solution or cream over the wound and apply dressing over it.

These steps have to be carried out with in minutes of accidental prick.

After this patient should be put on HAART. (refer my post for what is HAART on this blog)
That is he should take anti retro viral drugs for prescribed period with out any break.
Intravenous Immunoglobulin will definitely provide increase shield and protection so this is very important.

After this treatment it is quite possible that we have reduced the virulence of HIV virus , but still the proteins of this ineffective virus can trigger and give us high antibody results in tests for such patients so this is not the case of AIDS, there are very less chances that such patients will get AIDS unless they have not adhered to prescribed medicine by your doctor".

"Dr.Uttam i have observed that there are lot of suicidal tendancise amongst the HIV infected peoples what is the reason for that"?.
Due to stess and fear of deth a person goes in depression and and depression further worsens and bring about nerveous tissue damage ,
so i will like to tel all the peoples diagnosed positive for HIV that , you will not immidiately become sick but if you start a prompt and proper tretment still there are lot of hopes from life,
No one in this world could avoid deth ,what if some one dies in accident , do he cries and make himself dipressed but its sudden .
just keep in mind that this life if very precious you should live its bitterness as well as you have lived the happyness earlier .we have 100 years of life a year has 365 days that means maximum we have 36500 days of life and we should live life as it comes we should think this life as a picknic ,so do we cry any time in our picknick..certainly no ,rather we keep on enjoying , same way if you concentrate on creative work your body will get stronger and stronger and will fight HIV but if you get dipressed your self you will loss
same was the setuation of Tuberculosis in early century but today i can eat in same plate as that of my patients becouse i know i can defeat this disease so same situation will be there tommarow for HIV AIDS.
Information on HIV Virus and AIDS symptoms
About Dr.Uttam:-
Dr.Uttam is a clinical practitioner from Mumbai and has encountered and treating lots of patients with HIV AIDS and has helped them to upgrade there life .He has helped my friend to write his blog on

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