Authored By: B. V Waghmare

Monday, March 23, 2020

Steps in prevention of Corona Virus 19 spread

How to prevent spread of Corona Virus 19 ?

Following steps will help to save lives of millions of people from getting SARS COV 19 infection.

An Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol based hand sanitizer may not be so effective as  that of Dilute  Solution of bleaching powder.
Prefer Dilute solution of bleaching powder allow it's contact for minimum 10 minutes.

1.Keep yourself away from a person by minimum 6 feet when you are outside of your home.

2. Currently self quarantine is very important in preparation of spread of Corona Virus 19.

3. Don't  go out of door of your home.

4. Don't touch outer surface of door of your house or  ATM key pad, lift keypad, Staircase handrail, wash your hand immediately with bleaching powder solution or hand sanitizer.

5.Hand Sanitizers may not be available in market therefore make use of bleaching powder which kills all types of Viruses at concentration of 200 ppm and more.

6.Make Chlorine solution by dissolving 4 to 5 %  bleaching powder in water and keep in your house for washing hand and outer surface of door with dilute solution of bleaching powder. Wash door bell, door foot steps corridor with bleaching powder solution every after 6  hours in day time.

7. Use nose masks when you go out : Nose masks of virus free filter pore size are not available in market. You can make it at home by stitching from keep old cloths and keep double layer of absorbent cotton inside mask now they are  now as ofgood as N95 grade.

 8.Wash hands with bleaching powder solution or hand sanitizer and sprinkle water on nostrils when you go inside your house from outside.

 9.Doctors who come in contact with patients. Swab your hands and lips with Povidone Iodine ointment , (Cipladne, Wokadine, Betadine). During handling of COVID postive patient. Swab your inner surface of nostrils with above mentioned Povidone Iodine ointment.

10.Take care of your neabour by sprinkle bleaching powder in corridor. Spread this technical information to everyone.

11. Stop spreading Corona Virus by not spiting in open make use of wash basin and run water and wash it.

12. Don't do Shake hands. Don't hug.

13. Decontaminate Cloths of  an Infected person by diping in to  of dilute solution of potassium permanganate freshly prepared solution. Or Bleaching powder allow minimum contact time of the potassium permanganate solution or bleaching powder solution for 10 minutes.

15. Large community of people in India live in slums where they use common toilet, so every 4 hours spread bleaching powder in toilets
Use nose mask while using common toilet, wash hands with bleaching powder solution. Keep plenty of bleaching powder in such common toilet place.

16. Do Yoga everyday. Yoga boosts immunity and protect from disease progression and will save your life.

Medicines to be used are recommended to doctors only. Avoid self medication.

Following Medicines to be used. In combination as combination therapy.

1. (Lopinavir +Ritonavir + Saquinavir) + Cidofovir

As viral load control measure.

To ease the lungs tissue damage, , use Chlorphenarmine maliate  or Montelukast Sodium.


Plasma therapy :
Plasma of a patient who has recovered from infection and tests negative in PCR test to be taken and used to treat a patient who is critical.
Extract plasma in respective blood group wise and keep it for treatment for same blood group patient.


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