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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why there is no vaccine for AIDS and HIV , Why drugs are not effective againgst HIV

Why drugs available against HIV are not effective to the level which can save life?
Why there is no vaccines against AIDS is developed yet?

HIV virus multiplies with a great speed, and that is one of the reason that , there occurs lot of changes in genetic material of HIV virus that is a change in gene occurs which is called as mutation , after a mutation , the virus in which mutation takes place gives rise to a different virus that has very different genetic combination .
This is one of reason that HIV virus develops Drug Resistance against a particular drug .
That means a drug which was active against the HIV virus is not so active now against newly aroused HIV virus after mutation.
It is also likely that one drug may lead to development for resistance to other drug in the same class of drug or if a drug has same mechanism of action, then a resistance developed for one may cause a resistance to other drug too, this phenomenon is known as cross-resistance.
The similar phenomenon occurs in other microorganisms typically with development of antibiotic assay but they are very much controllable with other drugs.
Today a drug resistance is one of a biggest challenge in front of doctors treating HIV infection.
Now days some drug resistance assays are also available, which finds out the susceptibility of HIV virus present in some ones body for developing a drug resistance with genotypic and phenotypic analysis.
There are number of efforts going on to develop a vaccine against HIV virus but because of the frequent changes in genetic material , HIV virus develops capability to survive even after vaccination with vaccines so far developed, Still there are some encouraging results observed with neutralizing antibodies against HIV virus, which can be used concomitantly with chemotherapy.

What we should do to survive from HIV virus.
We always say over our blog that “its very easy to stay away from getting HIV infection, than providing some one a treatment for HIV infection, and choice is completely yours”! And it will save not only your life but it will save your family”!
It is a simple thing to stay away from HIV virus by adapting simple precautionary measures.
Avoid unprotected sex with unknown individual.
Show courage to say NO! for sex with unknown person. And save your and your families life, it is completely in your hand. One should always keep in mind that AIDS is a biggest killer today world wide, it do not understand boundaries of any nation.

Here we have given details of how HIV virus infection occurs and what are precautionary measures one should adopt to stay away from getting HIV infection, It is also important that one should teach his or her siblings and relatives and friends to adapt precautionary measures to

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