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Monday, November 15, 2010

Who discovered HIV virus and tests for diagnosis of HIV infection?

Who discovered HIV virus and tests for diagnosis of HIV infection?

HIV virus AIDS history. In 1981 AIDS disease was first identified, as a disease that is life threatening.

Montagnier and Dr Gallo discovered virus that causes AIDS as HIVvirus.
In 1983 HIV virus was first grown by Dr Gallo and Montagnier in vitro , in a laboratory
In 1985 the first commercial test to detect HIV virus was developed.
Montangnier was awarded Noble prize for his contribution in the discovery.

Dr Robert C. Gallo. Who worked for National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute, USA, till 1996 as head of Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology, he is now a director of  The Institute of Human Virology. University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore

Dr Robert C. Gallo who had discovered retroviruses HTLV -1 and HTLV-11 virus that causes cancers , initially it was said that HTLV virus was responsible for AIDS later it was demonstrated by Dr Gallo that (Human immune deficiency virus) HIV virus is responsible for AIDS , this discovery was very important point in developing the test for diagnosis for HIV infection, diagnosis test was also been developed by Dr Robert C. Gallo.

In 1976 Dr Robert C. Gallo and his colleagues discovered Interleukin-2, a growth regulating substance which is now is used in treatment of certain therapy in some cancer.

Dr Gallo is a great human being who has served for well being of mankind, decided to become a researcher in medicine after he lost his 8 year old sister to cancer when he was a young boy.

Mother to child HIV virus transmission

If a mother is HIV positive then there are high chances that her baby too gets HIV virus infection, most often HIV infection is passed on from mother to child during delivery, when baby comes in contact with mother’s blood, other route for infection is breast feeding. HIV virus also get transmitted from mother to her child through breast milk .Hence following precautions should be taken.
1.HARAT regimen of drug during pregnancy to reduce HIV virus load.
2.Avoiding breast feeding .(Its an critical issue as mothers milk too is essential) some alternate infant feed formulas should be tried , or other nursing mothers milk should be provided to infant.)
3.New born infants too are given antiretroviral drug treatments.


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