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Sunday, October 5, 2008

HIV AIDS Vaccine development by using DNA recombinant technology using bacterial plasmid of HIV virus gene

HIV AIDS oral vaccine development by using DNA recombinant technology. By using bacterial plasmid of HIV virus gene

There are many hurdles in the way of development of HIV vaccine as
1.HIV Virus DNA material keeps on mutating(changing) from one person to other
2.HIV Virus in hibernation stage do not get detected by immune system for log time
as it get hibernated in tissue without expressing significant signal to trigger immune response .
3. We should consider all the routs of entry of a HIV virus in to human body.
Which are
1. Blood to blood contact
2. Body fluid contact of an infected person with a normal person’s mucosal lining.

In all of this HIV virus get entry in to human body .and its first job is to deliver its genetic material that is RNA which will make Virus c-DNA copy by a process called reverse transcription. This c-DNA forms a actual double helical DNA of HIV virus this DNA is integrated in HUMAN cell that is T-Lymphocytes, and when ever our body T-lymphocyte tries to produce proteins and enzymes for our body .this HIV Virus DNA integrated cell also produces all Proteins and enzymes required for HIV Virus, thus a new HIV virus is reproduced in Human body. This way HIV Virus uses our body cell (White blood cells …which imparts defense mechanism to our body ….are damaged )

Our Directional Goal for developing HIV vaccine should be .
After a deep thought I am coming up with a idia of developing a DNA vaccine for HIV .
Our direction for doing this should be as follows.

1. Develop a HIV DNA copy. That is a gene Example a gp120 gene
2. Integrate in to a bacterial vector.
3. Make its plasmid (refer this link for knowing what is plasmid)
4. We can use Bacteria for example weakened E.coli / Salmonella typhi

These above 4 line are very important in development of the vaccine this requires lot of hard work and patience.

Now inject or give orally these bacterial host cells to normal individual whom we want to impart a immunity against a up coming HIV viral infection.
Now when ever this bacterium tries to multiply by its own it will produce...HIV virus proteins only ….
So that our body recognizes these proteins as Antigen and triggers off an immune response against HIV VIRUS proteins.
We can better way design a plasmid
This will specifically code only for Counter CD4 receptors proteins sequences as there is only this region of a virus which is not much changing. So we are now on with a DNA Vaccine.
Which can be estimated its efficacy by measuring
Neutralizing antibody response against HIV-1
Neutralising response to cd4 protein.
Information on HIV Virus and AIDS symptoms

About author
Author of this article is a Pharmacist from Mumbai University and he had writen articles on HIV AIDS vaccine development way back in 1995.


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