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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Work of WHO on HIV/AIDS

Friends realy the task is very much serious but not impossible .
We have to irradicate HIV AIDS from this world, and this is possible only throuh prevention.
1.If there is not a sigle individual infected trough all possible means ,we can achive and save this world .
2.Hence please educate evey one you come in contact with about HIV AIDS,
education is the only resource that human being has achived great sucess in all fields so educate peoples ,your near and dear ones, so that we can save this world .
3.Targeted and Focused and intensive research on HIV drugs, and VACCINES.
4.One should not worry if you accidently get a prik of a niddle of hiv infected patient while treating him, as the chemotherapy is realy very advanced and 100% we can guaranty safty of life .But this has to be treated on urgent basis and hospitalised condition for few weeks, and you are ok.
You should always take good care while handeling blood samples and doing surgeries , and dressings.
Here is the link i will like to provide you for your knowlage
and aids hiv drugs used on hiv aids

Last updated: 24-Aug-2008

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