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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Personalized HIV therapy developed

Dear Friends i am happy to tel you all that the days are not long now to get a complete cure of this disease,as i had writen in my earlier posts ,
that it is quite possible to treat patients with the virus strain (antigen) isolated from his body and by making the use of this strain we can develop Antibodies(Vaccine) against this strain catagoricaly ,by challenging immune system of other animal or human being against this antigen....(Virus requires atenuation fractionation. ) ,and making use of thus formed immunoglobulines in other animals body as Vaccine for the patient.
and here i got a news from my Indian Forum that this thing is realy going on this direction! PERSONALISED VACCINES FOR SPECIFIC PERSON.

A research team - Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), with researchers from Universite de Montreal have developed a personalized immunotherapy to fight HIV/AIDS.

Scientists were finding it difficult to develop an AIDS vaccine due to higher genetic variability of the HIV virus.

"Our approach is unique in the world: no one else has yet developed customized immunotherapy using the virus from individual patients," said Dr Jean-Pierre Routy, from MUHC.

"This experimental technique remains long and costly for the moment, but we're hoping it will hold the promise of a completely innovative and widely available treatment in the future," he added.

This immunotherapy is based on the properties of dendritic cells, whose role is to present specific proteins from infectious organisms at their surface, thereby alerting the rest of the immune system.

In collaboration with Argos Therapeutics, the researchers designed a study in which the dendritic cells of nine study patients were multiplied in vitro and then treated with the RNA (ribonucleic acid) from the virus that had infected each patient. A virus sample was taken before the administration of any antiretroviral treatment.

The surfaces of these manipulated dendritic cells present an increased number of HIV proteins, which allows them to stimulate the cytotoxic response of a certain type of immune cell called CD8+ lymphocytes.

After receiving multiple subcutaneous injections of these dendritic cells, eight of the nine patients involved experienced a significant increase in CD8+ lymphocyte activity.

"At this stage, we have shown that the technique doesn't cause side effects or an undesirable auto-immune response," said Dr Routy.

My best vishes to Dr Routy and Dr Jean-Pierre Routy AND I PRAY TO GOD TO GIVE THEM GREAT SUCCESS IN THISplease do it so that no son get hate from his parents like what happened in Gujrat.
and no family is lost like in mumbai Mulund.
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