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Saturday, December 24, 2022

New Class of Antiretroviral Capsid formation inhibitor that provides option for treatment to Multi Drug Resistant HIV 1 Infection

New Class of Antiretroviral drug Lencapavir to provide lifesaving remedy for HIV infected people having Multi Drug Resistant HIV 

HIV virus can infect the human body through a mechanism of infection, and it reproduces in the human body increasing its number to lacs of viral copies in blood, and making lives of infected persons difficult. 

For the increased level of HIV Viral load doctors have to prescribe heavy dosage of (antiretroviral drugs) AVRs , which make the situation further complicated because heavy doses of AVR further complicate the situation by developing multi drug resistant HIV-1.

These medicines are developed by studying the process of infection stages, and there are medicines available against HIV for inhibiting growth of HIV (replication) which inhibit these particular stages in the infection process.

One point in the viral multiplication stage was not having any medicine, that is viral capsid (viral protein coat) formation, which would inhibit the same, that is synthesis of viral capsid of HIV. With the non-availability of the medicines acting at this stage, drug resistance was getting developed with repeated prescription of the same class of drugs. 

On 22-12-2022 US FDA approved Lenacapavir a new drug which is capable of inhibiting HIV-1 viral protein coat, the capsid formation. This is a very important stage in the growth of the HIV virus in the human body. This drug Lenacapavir inhibits the synthesis of HIV-1 viral protein coat, the capsid formation.

Lenacapavir when combined together with drugs which are acting at different stages of infection and replication process, these all together stopes reproduction of HIV in human body, thereby bring the HIV viral load under control, some patients when given Lenacapavir along with other combination drug, have brought down the HIV viral count to undetectable level. The medicines combined together to achieve the desired result of bringing down HIV Virus blood count are called combination therapy for HIV.

Lenacapavir is expected to provide good results in bringing down HIV-1 viral count in patients with multi drug resistant HIV.

Drug Linacapavir is required to be given once in six months a subcutaneous injection, every after 6 months along with other combination therapy medicines.

Mechanism of action of Lenacapavir: 
Lenacapavir inhibit protein synthesis of Viral Capsid thereby inhibit HIV virus replication and growth.
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