Authored By: B. V Waghmare

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

HIV neutralising antibodies for passive immunization.

Advanced treatment of HIV infection with HIV neutralizing antibodies under development.

Anti retroviral drugs must not be discontinued so as to keep HIV viral load under control to maintain quality of life, still many patients discontinue taking drugs for many reasons like anti retroviral drugs have their own set of side effects and complications, availability.
Now such patients have better option as scientists from National Institute of Health United States of America have developed broadly active antibodies against HIV, which are tested in patients who have discontinued their medicines and were able to lower viral loads, in laboratory study it is proven that new CD4 cells were not infected by HIV virus in presence of these antibodies incubated for sufficient time.
These antibodies are Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) which are called as PGT121, VRC01 and VRC03. These antibodies can be used for immunization for patients and healthcare personals at high risk. Combination of these antibodies along with HAART will help in reducing drug load and their side effects after prolonged use.


Last updated: 02-Sep-2014

Authored By : B V Waghmare

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