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Monday, November 15, 2010

Treatment for HIV infection and AIDS

Treatment for HIV infection and AIDS:
There is no cure for AIDS till today but continuous efforts are going on to develop a life saving treatment for AIDS. Also currently available antiretroviral drugs are very effective, a continuous monitoring of the CD4 count and early starting of medication ie. starting taking drugs as soon as one is found to be HIV positive, medicines taken on time without break definitely help to prevent the development of AIDS disease and its symptoms, remember HIV infection as such is not fatal but the symptoms that it develops are life threatening so starting medication early help a patient to live a quality life , as it lowers the rate of  multiplication of HIV virus and prevent CD4 cell count going further below , and a person affected with HIV can live a good quality life.

There are very great hopes from gene therapy and stem cell therapy for HIV infection .
Drugs are likely to develop resistance , hence if there is a facility available then performing HIV drug Resistance Assay's help to select most effective drug for treatment.

It is good shair experience with friends and peoples from help groups , this reduces stress and related anxiety.

There is hope?
Yes there is hope for life !There are drugs now available , by taking these medicines on time without break one can live quality and longer life. May be till that time a life saving treatment is discovered and one get that facility .

Medicine those are available nowadays are able to reduce viral load in your body and prevent HIV virus from building up in your body. It is true that even after taking these medicine one carries virus in to his or her body , hence they are carrier of virus and they can give HIV virus infection.Individual with HIV infection is called HIV positive as the diagnostic test results are called positive if an individual is found to be infected with HIV virus.

Individual with HIV infection may require to take three or more different medicines daily.

Individual with HIV infection must take all given medicines regularly every day.

One should not stop taking medicines without talking to doctor.

Stopping taking medicine even for a day make result in to untoward effect that may result in to deterioration (weakening) of health of a HIV positive individual.


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