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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Abstract for Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Recent Seroconverters with HIV-1 Subtype C Infections in India

Dear friends i have writen in this blog about various drugs and chemotherapy , a possible directions for research on hiv aids vaccine and chemotherapy.
One of my earlier post is dedicated to personalised hiv aids vaccine and hiv part vaccine research
and last post was completely dedicated to how to prevent spread of hiv aids what are the prevtive steps which are required to be taken by one ,so that one is not infected which hiv virus.
In todays post it i am giving some abstract of a research work by my great Indian Scientists which shows how HIV virus is defering from individual to individual ,how it is showing variation in its constitution , which is a hurdel for developing a hiv vaccine there is variation in genetic material of HIV virus from infected individual to individual that is the reseason in following abstract we will see that there are some individuals not responding to antigen.
This approach is great and very valuable for entier research on hiv aids
Well actualy if we draw a map of research , by going backwords like analysing how HIV virus reacts to antibodies ,what is a commen site of attachment to cd4, and i am sure that there is a site which is not differing on HIV virus even though there is a great variation in genetic material of hiv virus , still the mode of attachment is same ,that is CD4 receptor so there is one hope , that if we engeneer some antigen which can counter act as antigen which will stimulate human immune system and probably impart some immunity against upcoming hiv infection ,
If we combine this antigen with best chemotherapy available for inhibiting reverse transcriptaese and intigraese enzyme in hiv , and drugs which interfare in up take of thimine by hiv virus , probably we will win over this disease ,
Individuals can have better improved life , higher life span and one can live this life as life is precious one has to live it ,with every thing, be the disease or any thing but one should fight and live this life as it is very precious .
Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Recent Seroconverters with HIV-1 Subtype C Infections in India...Abstract
Smita Kulkarni, Srikanth Tripathy, Raman Gangakhedkar, Sushama Jadhav, Kalpana Agnihotri, Suvarna Sane, Robert Bollinger, Ramesh Paranjape. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.
The longitudinal heterologous neutralization response against two HIV-1 subtype C isolates was studied in 33 ART-naive individuals recently infected with HIV-1 subtype C from India. Seven of 33 (21%) seroconverters demonstrated a consistent response against both isolates (65–100% neutralization) , whereas the remaining 26 (79%) were nonresponders. Four of the seven responders demonstrated a neutralization response (>75% neutralization) within 2–3 months of infection and in the remaining three, the response was demonstrated between 22 and 38 months after infection. In the past,HIV vaccines targeted the V3 region for the development of neutralizing antibodies. However, recent studies have shown that anti-V3 antibodies are generated after HIV-1 infection, but are not effective in neutralizing virus.In this study, the V3 sequences of HIV-1 from seven responders were analyzed and compared with those from nonresponders. The V3 region sequences from early and late responders did show certain mutations that were not found in the nonresponders; however none of these mutations could explain the neutralization responses. This suggested that HIV-1 envelope regions other than the V3 domain may be involved in generating a neutralization response. This is the first report that describes the pattern of emergence and persistence of the heterologous neutralization response in recently HIV-1 subtype C-infected individuals from India and studies its association with sequence variation in the V3 region.
This approach is great and very valuable for entier research on hiv aids as it will healp us to find the actual non varient moiety in HIV virus and we can work out on that.Information on HIV Virus and AIDS symptoms



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