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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Live Your Life In Natural Way, Dont Panic, Tommarow is Ours ,We Will Get Remedy Soon

Dear Friends ,
as far as i know ,life is precious,
we have 100 years of life
and a year contains 365 days means
we have life of 36500 days,
think as if we are here on earth for a picnic,
we have to enjoy this picnic,
Do we do any thing like this while we are on picnic,
this world is so beautiful you should enjoy second by second and moment by moment of it,so live your life till you leave your body naturally.Don't our Body get Older by Age?
Don't we get tired due to age?Then do any one do such thing.he keeps on living .
so what is HIV, AIDS ?, why you are so worried of it?
there are going to be definite solutions for this disease,
so till then live your life.
There are cases in world with normal chemotherapy we get enough life,
Only thing that makes us week is our mind,so remove the worry from mind that there is no solution for this disease,just take few precautions.and live good life,
if treated properly ,considering case to case ,immune response, one can be free with this virus, the count will reduce or become zero. But as your sensitised by virus your other tests will show positive , that does not mean that all hopes are gone,
I don't understand .
peoples fight each other in WARS killing other human being ,
solders fight with each other ,treating them as enemy and fight till one is killed by other they fight with each other.
Why this attitude is not there for Fight against HIV AIDS,
YOU NEVER KNOW YOU WILL GET CURED NEXT DAY when sun arises ,next morning .so you should leave you life every day read my blog for what hopes we are having for fighting against this disease.
Live Your Life In Natural Way, Don't Panic, Tomorrow is Ours ,We Will Get Remedy Soon
if you have any question write me comments on my blog
i will reply your questions.

i have written in detail about aids hiv drugs used on hiv aids in my other posts.



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